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  1. Lashzara

    Where do you post your artwork?

    I like using padlet to keep my yearly best's in one place. What sites do you use for your artwork portfolios?
  2. KhramChee

    Digital art Starting @ 10 $

    for more info check my FA : www.furaffinity.net: Khram Chee's Price Chart by KhramChee
  3. Mailylion

    FA New Home Design Suggestion

    Hi everyone ^^ I've been hangin' around here for quite some time now and I've been watching you guys progressing with the new FA website design. You did a good job on most subpages of the current Design. I do however feel that the main page still has a lot of potential regarding user...
  4. Red-IzaK

    How to promote artwork efficiently?

    Hi guys, I need your help :) I was working in gamdev for about 2 years but I think It's not for me ;/ I feel happiness mostly while working on my private fantasy/furry stuff for myself and my clients. I have decided to have my own businesses as soon as possible. I'd like to live from doing...
  5. thehumanslayer12

    Free Flat Coloring and Shading!

    That's as simple as that. I reshade and/or shade artwork (and can even color now!) from a wide variety, all for free! I understand that shading is a basic necessity in artwork, (to make it more realistic but not too realistic) but you never know! Examples of my work (SFW): "I Like You" by...
  6. Middeer

    ♥ Middeer's Main Commission Thread ♥

    ♥ Middeer's Main Page ♥ Commission Info Commissions are currently open! ♥ Current YCH ♥ NONE ♥ Current Adopts ♥ NONE ♥ Art Examples ♥ ** This is constantly updating depending on my gallery. Please note me on my main FurAffinity page or email me at visceralvulpes@gmail.com if you are...
  7. jisei

    Three fluffy dog/wolf adoptables

    Hello! Are you looking for a brand new, fluffy canine character? These are just for you! I have three left of them for sale. :) You don't have to keep them as ferals or canines after purchase! Feel free to turn them into anthros or even into other species, if you want. www.furaffinity.net...
  8. Timothy K


    Hello all! I am here to see if anyone would like to commission me for an art of any variety! wether it be for a ref sheet, Painting or chibi i will painting anything you desire ;) here is a list of prices for various art styles. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Deviant...
  9. Silence

    Per Hour Commissions

    Hello! My name is Silence and im opening for 10hrs of artwork! To see my Terms of service and will and wont do list please go here: docs.google.com: Basic ToS/WILL WONT I charge 20$ per hour! Please bare in mind that while i can manage to draw 2 characters in a 5hr time peice, a single...
  10. SanguineAllure

    YCH - Hand Painted Plauqe (And more)

    Hey! I'm sellin hand painted wooden plaques that feature your OC or any character you'd like! Each plaque comes hand painted in acrylic paint and ready to hang :3 Im also offering traditional drawings that can be painted, colored in pencil or chalk. I can do digital drawings as well, but I am...
  11. A

    Most common tags used for furry artwork (no porn though)

    As the title says, list what do u think are the most common tags furry artists put on their artwork. It can be literally anything buuuttt.... It cannot be related for furry porn stuff.