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  1. S

    Can anyone draw?

    Not too sure if my sis can draw my furry, so.... can anyone of you draw for me?
  2. SarcasticSpook

    Spook's Art Hell

    So even though I'm hella new to the forums I... really like sharing my art n stuff aha! Granted I probably should be uploading more to my FA account but gotta take things one step at a time! Anywho! This is where I'll be putting some of my art/doodles that I've done! Maybe a few WIPS too who...
  3. Waker608


    Hi I'm new here an I'm trying to make some money for my artwork, I'm not sure how many things work on here but I'm sure I can figure it out! Anyway here are my commissions! Full Body(colored and shaded) - 20$ Half Body(colored and shaded) - 10$ Icon pictures (colored and shaded) - 5$ (Any extra...
  4. Rainbow Man

    Commissions Open: Sketch - $10.00

    Userpage of rainbowman -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Comment or private message your character reference. PayPal Email: BaronTremayneCaple@Gmail.com Example
  5. HellyS

    Hello, Fur Affinity!

    Heh, hello, I'm a new member here I would like to share my works with you ;) I'm not so good in drawing furries now, but I keep trying and some day become as cool artist as others) It would be great to see you on my page~ Userpage of hellys -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  6. V

    Help! My old art is lost. Looking for old art.

    Hi! I'm new to this forum. I accidentally deleted my old file on FA and laptop. I need your help -if you willing- to search old artwork that I got from artist, only one artwork. The old art was made in 2015/2016, the artist posted an -open freebie- on FB group named "Furaffinity" or "FURRY", I...
  7. KitKatChunKiss

    What is your criteria of HD artworks?

    It's something I've been wondering for a while, what is most people's definition of High Definition/High Quality Art? I've seen some artists call their work "HD"/"HQ" but really, the work had barely any kind of anatomically knowledge or shading/lighting put into it. Those kind of references made...