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ask a question

  1. S

    (Comic/Ask Blog) Ask Aijouki Anything

    Gonna post all the pages I have so far in bulk, for now You can post a question for her here, if you want
  2. Giana36

    Ask the next user a question game

    Here's how it goes: One user asks a question, and the next user posts an answer to it then that user asks they're own question for a different user to ask, and so on. Being OP and all, I'll start it off. How would you feel if the sequel to Legend of Zelda: BOTW introduces an "anti-Triforce"...
  3. Giana36

    Ask the next person a question game

    In this thread, A poster asks a question, and the next person posts an answer to it then asks a question of their own and so on. Have you ever played a Fallout game from before Bethesda came and bought the rights to the franchise?