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ask me anything

  1. Sinamuna

    Sin's AMA Thread

    Hi everyone. I hope you're all doing well! I've been wanting to host an AMA for a while now, but everytime I've done it in the past, I don't get much feedback. I'm hoping this thread might gain a bit of attention, at least! I'd love to answer your questions and open myself up to more possible...
  2. FluffyShutterbug

    AMA #53

    I want to do an AMA, too!!! Ask this foxxo anything and I'll give you an answer!
  3. Renyard2001

    I'm bored, ask me anything - Reynard edition

    I'm bored as a derelict car sitting in a garage so if you have anything to ask, and I mean anything, feel free to post below. This does mean NSFW is allowed
  4. mangomango

    Ask me anything (and I will respond with bad art!)

    I apologize for burdening the forums with another one of these threads. But it sounds fun. Ask me (chee/snek) a question! I will respond with poor quality, sketchy art.
  5. KD142000

    AMA (Ask Me Anything)- KD Edition

    Here's a thing inspired by @KimberVaile. Since I'm not as active on forums as I once was and have mainly been here for arguments and dealing with issues. So, I'm going to open up this AMA for you to...well, ask me anything :3
  6. Ronnya

    Ask me anything

    I was wondering if anyone wanted to ask me some questions about myself and other stuff. Since I’m new I think this would make a good way to make some new friends and talk to people. Have fun!
  7. Skychickens

    LV - AMA

    In the middle of the forest lies a small cottage. Kudzu creeps over the sides, yet the stonework remains well intact. Nearby are some strange plants growing, various herbs and vegetables intermingled with flowers and diabolic looking ferns. There is a small creek flowing a short distance away...
  8. PercyD

    Ask (P.D) Any thing- [ Topics Thread!]

    =u=/ Hi, my name is P.D. I am a conversationalist and artist! I got my degree in electrical engineering and I'm pretty well traveled. I am a counselor for writing as my day job. I've been doing art and designing characters for over a two decades as a hobby~. I used to give out cosplay advice...
  9. Gem-Wolf

    AMA - Nothing is off limits!

    In all the years I been in the fandom, I have never actually done an AMA post/joural/thread on any of the social networks I am in. So, here we are. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Sunburst_Odell

    AMA Because Everyone's Doing This Now

    I wonder how long it's gonna be before this type of thread gets banned because they keep popping up. Well, before they become annoying, I'll make mine, even though I'm not the most well-known person here. I'll probably answer anything but there just might be just a few I might not be...
  11. G

    Ginza's AMA

    *hops on bandwagon* So I was bored, and figured I'd join this trend. So.. ask me anything, I guess?

    Q&A with a 2006 emo.

    It seems Q&A threads are becoming a thing that total nobodies who have an inflated sense of self-importance like to post for attention. So of course I've gotta do one too. Hi. I'm Miro. Here's my FA page. Userpage of KILL.MAIM.KILL -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Ask anything. I don't care how dumb...
  13. E

    Drunk Q&A!

    It's just like an AMA but with copious amounts of alcohol involved. =^.^= I've been on this site for over 6 months now and it's after five my time, so I figured why not get blitzed and let total strangers ask me anything they want? I do tend to get rather honest when I drink, so this should be...