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asking for advice

  1. stellatae

    Questions from a new NSFW Artist :)

    Hi everyone! I want to start this by mentioning it's my first time posting here so if I mess up somehow I apologize! I am a brand new digital artist who has just started a little over 2 months ago and I can see myself improving. I started with SFW works, and still do them, but I've fallen in...
  2. Anfani

    I need some serious advice

    Aloha people! I am not sure where to ask about this, so I will just try it here and hope for the best: I need some serious advice in regards of my art and the exposure it gets. I dont really gain a lot of liking, usually when I post stuff on FA I get like... 3-5 Favourites and usually no...
  3. .wav

    Tips for a newbie comic artist

    So currently I'm working on a webcomic that I plan to publish called NAPD. Basically it' a sci-fi dark comedy cop drama that takes place in the future where an antisocial detective and his rookie partner solve extraordinary and extreme cases I'm working on a bit of promo art and I plan to...
  4. Pheanir

    Already finished or new pics for commission sheet?

    Hey there, I am planning to start taking commissions this year and I need to put together a commission sheet with sample pictures to give a preview of what people can expect from me. I already have an information sheet for my terms of service and prices. But I don't know whether it would be...
  5. snizard

    Paint and shadings

    I want to try different ways to paint and do shadings. Can you tell me something? And you, which is your way? I use paint tool sai
  6. LuciantheHugmage

    Character Species

    I'm writing a fantasy story, and I have two characters who are going to be the main protagonists in the first book. One is a human, the other an anthro. However, I'm having trouble deciding what species the Anthro should be. The character in question is a former member of a travelling band of...
  7. Yendysear

    Help with first-time fursuit making! Big tail?

    Hello, this is my first post on here. I just recently joined the fandom and am almost done designing my sona, which I want to make a suit for when I'm done designing her. I've been looking at fursuit making tutorials and stuff, and I understand pretty much how I'll go about making it. The...