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  1. Furrirama

    Male Canine Anthro Auction

    AUCTION HERE! You can also get his backview and frontview naked with variants of penis.
  2. The Spirit Guardian

    Battles among the Shadows- RP Ad

    Salutations to you all! So, I've been having this idea floating around in my head for quite some time now, and I've been hesitant to post it until I worked out the major points and all that. Seeing as I've finally conjured up an adequate idea, I decided to post it here, mainly to see what kind...
  3. Asassinator

    My Fursona Bio (thx Arrow Tibbs)

    So Arrow Tibbs made a thread about personal bios, and he made a template. So this is my character’s bio. Name: Aaron Age: 20 Gender: Male Species: Shiba Inu Height: 175.6cm Weight: 86KG Sexuality: Asexual Appearance: - Hair and fur: Golden and white fur - Markings: None - Eye color: Green -...
  4. Asassinator

    WHere my assassins at?

    Hello, I like assassin’s creed, i I found this pic on the Internet and set it as my profile pic (still don’t know the creator of this art). But I don’t see any other assassins around. WHERE ARE THEY????
  5. NachoChipz

    For Sale! (comes with HQ Drawing $65)

    So I Haven't had much attention on FA because my reach isn't quite there so I thought id try here. The Fur in question and being sold is Eclipse. I've had her for a long time but don't use her anymore, she has a HQ art piece by Eqval and a nude and GA Ref as well as a very cute Icon ^u^ I'm...