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  1. DragonAtaxia

    (Commission) Selling: Traditional Art by DragonAtaxia ($15-$30)

    Greetings and welcome! My name is Ataxia and I've been working on FurAffinity as an artist since 2015. I mostly specialize in digital art, but I also enjoy drawing in traditional techniques. I decided to open few slots on my traditional stuff and here's what I can do for you: Simple ACEO...
  2. minny

    ATC Sale, Pinups, Masks, & More

    Hello, everyone! First and foremost, if it's not an embedded picture, I'd like to warn you that any link you may follow in this post may (and probably will) take you to a page that will show NSFW content if logged into FA proper. I'm running a sale on full-color single character Artist...
  3. obliviousally

    digital and traditional commissions available~ sketches, conbadges, ref sheets, etc~

    I'm open for just about anything currently! My queue is small at the moment and I'd like to get some side income going, so if there's something you're interested in, please inquire and we can chat!