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  1. X


    ...lol. Sorry, random venting. Bad shit happened because my neighbours hate me. It's all dealt with, it's fine. Trying a bit of humour to overcome the horror.
  2. H


    You know what?! Fuck it. Why do we keep dividing ourselfes with a political threads?! I have joined this community as I wanted to develop my drawing skills and meet the people that share my interests. I know you did the same! When I joined I loved this place and i am not here for long...
  3. O

    Posting my Stories on Here (Plus an Issue)

    The issue - For some reason one story in particular won't have quotation marks when I try to post it as a txt file, and in other formats it gets more messed up. RTF's won't be present either. Anyway, this is a post about me beginning to share my stories on here! Most of them so far are OC...
  4. Sparrow-the-Wolfess

    Bug/Site Problem: U.I is very... uh... ugh.

    Now this may seem like a ranty complaint, but I can't get over how FurAffinity... literally looks like someone slapped together a bunch of BBCode to make the entire site. I was really hoping the side would look neater or at least more compact that it does now... And the site's font is just so...