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audio drama

  1. JollyCooperation

    Hobby VA offering FREE voice work!

    After wanting to but lacking the courage to go through with it, I have finally decided to follow my dreams and get into voice acting! So, in order to hone my skills and find out where my strengths and weaknesses are, I need stuff to do. Fandubs, audiobooks, announcements, I'll take pretty much...
  2. D

    Interest Gauge: Audio Story Project

    Hello All! So I personally love story-telling. I love writing, voice acting, audio editing and the like. I've taught myself a bit about these different fields and while I am far from perfect or professional, I still really like doing it. I've always wanted to join a sort of project where I...
  3. S

    Free Art: Looking for Artists to help with a Zootopia audio drama

    Hello Folks. Hope you're all well. Im a member of Wilde Heart Productions. Right now we're working to make an audio drama of the Zootopia FanFiction "History Repeats Itself, If You Let It" We're seeking artists who might be interested in joining the project. We're a very laid back...