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  1. Zorrena

    Any Audiobooks or Podcasts recommendations?

    I have audible and have been listening to primarily Warhammer books but the most of the others I've tried tend to have narrarators that sound almost monotone. The only nonwarhammer books I've listened to are the Morcster chef series, Legends &Lattes, The Kanti Cycle & the Final days of the...
  2. JollyCooperation

    Hobby VA offering FREE voice work!

    After wanting to but lacking the courage to go through with it, I have finally decided to follow my dreams and get into voice acting! So, in order to hone my skills and find out where my strengths and weaknesses are, I need stuff to do. Fandubs, audiobooks, announcements, I'll take pretty much...
  3. M

    Furry Audiobooks

    I was wondering if anyone would have any recommendations for any non-erotic furry audiobooks on audible? I'm having trouble finding much beyond Claws and Starships and other Pelteverse books.