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authors on fa

  1. JuniperW

    Story YCHs...are they a thing?

    By now, everyone and their grandmother knows how big of a deal YCHs are in the furry fandom (I mean, you can't reload the front page of FA without seeing at least five of them, it seems.) Problem is, I've become progressively less interested in doing art and instead focusing most of my time on...
  2. JuniperW

    (Commission) Selling: 2021 Writing Commissions (£5+)

    Hello everyone! I've updated my commission info for the new year, and am open to writing short stories and novelettes. The price is £5 per 1000 words, with the minimum word count being 1000 and the maximum being 18000. Read this Google doc for more info, including my TOS...
  3. JuniperW

    (Commission) Selling: Writing Commissions Open! (SFW/NSFW - 50p per 100 words)

    UPDATE: Adjusted my TOS a little bit. Hiya! I have commissions for flash fiction and short stories open right now - nothing above 10,000 words as of yet because I’m already working on a long-form story. My TOS, queue and more information is below...
  4. K

    Writer for hire. Fairly reasonable price and a quick delivery

    I'm Selling whatever you want me to write, from the raunchiest smut to a simple background story for your character. I can even take your selfmade backgrounds and rewrite them in different versions, A more archaic style perhaps, or to draw out the story for a lengthier read.
  5. GuroGoat

    Hi, I'm A Goat

    My name is Shades. Azazel is a demon goat and the main icon of my account on FA. Aside from artwork, I do a heck of alot of writing in paranormal, horror, and thriller genres. I also run a blog directed towards authors. Currently I'm working on three projects so needless to say, art doesn't...
  6. E

    FA Stories: What am I in for?

    I'm planning on finally posting some stories to FA in the future and I was curious what kinds of things my work would be bumping shoulders with. And while I could go through and read all of the writing submissions on the first page, that would take way more time than I'm willing to put in. and...