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  1. JonnyTheYellowDragon

    Discord server for autistic furries!

    UPDATE: the server has been deleted, and will not be revived.
  2. B

    How can writing be free and fun for me?

    So... I already make and commission art of my characters, and I love visual art, but part of it feels... Empty. Unfortunately I don't like to write further than a bio and I don't like to roleplay, which sucks. I feel like I'm neglecting important pieces to make my characters whole, but when I...
  3. B

    Autism/Special Interests Thread

    I'm making this thread so autistic furries here have a specific space to go ham without worrying about being judged. Ramble about your special interests! Just keep them PG-13. I have ASD myself and I'm trying to be more open about it. Neurotypicals are welcome too! (Reposted from Community...
  4. X

    Feel like I'm at the end.

    This year I've lost my house, been arrested and brutalized in police custody, lost most of my pets and crippled myself. And the mental health services have decided that they can't help me because most of my problems are caused by autism and not psychotic illness. They've passed me on to "social...
  5. Orb

    Autonomy and Mental illness

    So, a foreword before getting into the matter at hand. I have an undiagnosed psychotic illness, and I currently have no mental health professional following me. I'm not in school, training or work because of an incredibly mishandled CPS case, which left me incarcerated for nearly a year without...
  6. Yakamaru

    Lets do a head count: Who of you are anywhere on the Autism spectrum?

    Topic name says it all. Who of you lovely fucks are Autistic? I know there's a lot of you. <3
  7. B

    Just Aspy Things

    I don't make it a secret that I have Asperger's syndrome. I think of the condition as an important part of who I am and I like to be open and honest talking about it. That's why I wanted to share some things: aspects of my life that can be difficult or otherwise a different experience for an...
  8. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Autism (an old famous piece of mine)

    Autism. My definitions for this word are: Brain Damage Imperfection Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Mental Illness Frustration Slow Learning Incomprehension Dense Attention Defesit Disorder (ADD) Intolerance Paranoia I am cursed with autism. I am confused whether my thinking is normal or...
  9. D

    What to do When you Find out you're Autistic?

    So two nights ago my parents say me down at the dinner table and told me that I have aspergers, and that they've known for a while and that most of my teachers and coaches know too. This is all a lot for me to take in and I've been feeling pretty down and I want to be alone because I don't want...
  10. Sleepyly

    Autism? Weirdness?

    I'm weird and people often look different at me like i have something different in my face, i also make a laughing expression when i remember something funny wich is hard to hide. I dunno if im labeling myself or making excuses but i dropped off college cuz i didn't like the course and had...