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  1. Darknessis

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Autumn - YCH AUCTION [closed]

    • Min. Bid - $5 USD • 2 days from the start of the bet • Canine, feline • Dragon, another - +20$ - Paypal Only (USD) - Don’t bid if you can't pay right away (no false bids) - Payment after sketch - No refunds - You get the file png
  2. TheRabbitFollower

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Halloween Commission Discounts

    DM to order a commission! These are 10% off my regular prices, and apply to any halloween, autumn, horror, or guro themed commission prompts-- Plus, I'm open to both SFW, NSFW, kinky, or really any subject matter! Offer ends October 20th, so get in fast! Here are my links: FA -...
  3. EhwazAzi

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Peekaboo Icons w/ Autumn BG [$25]

  4. JunimoPal

    (Commission) Selling: October Commissions! Halloween and Fall theme discount! ($20-$90)

    (Hi! First time using a forum like this, but I thought I'd give it a shot, let me know if I make any glaring mistakes lol) HOWDY HOWDY! I currently have commissions open with discounted prices for pieces that have either a FALL theme or a HALLOWEEN theme! Want your character just chilling with...
  5. zenmaldita

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Group Autumn YCH - 1 Slot Left!

    Full-Res is 5k pixels x 5k pixels You will receive 2 files: a group image and a closeup of your character. ANY species, gender, body shape. wings and horns ok OK expression change, small pose edit FINISH sample 1 | sample 2 | sample 3 SB 1 .... $80 Minimum Bid $5 Bidding Ends 48 hours...
  6. Singarl

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Autumn Kitsune Adoptable Auction | 12€+

    I really felt like desiging somehow so I came up with these kitsune designs! Might make a few more in the future with altered features, man I missed designing! This will be an auction and I set the starting bid a little lower than usual because it's halloween sooon! Happy bidding! ♥ BID HERE...
  7. shady

    adoptables and commissions open!

    adoptables and commissions open! i have 8 dragon adoptables going right now and they are all open www.furaffinity.net: dragon adoptables! (3/3) by Dead-Void www.furaffinity.net: autumn dragon adopts (5/5) by Dead-Void im also doing icons
  8. A

    Greetings from Autumn

    At the request of a friend of mine who participates in whatever the furry community truly is I have decided to look into things further myself. I have yet to come to any conclusions, but hopefully changing platforms from where I was looking will help make the community actually look like a...
  9. Nowlia

    AUTUMN and HALLOWEEN adoptables!! ~

    Heya guys!! I'm putting out a few Halloween/Autumn adopts. I'll be using this thread to add more as I'm finishing them. Price will likely range from $10 to $35, but fear not!! You can have cute ones for cheap!! ~ First up: Autumn Deer/Unicorn! Second: Black Kitten quad/sona! So far, only...
  10. dipindu

    [YCH] Get your spook on! (1 slot each!)

    Check out the link below for more information! www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Get your spook on! (1 slot each!) by Dipindu www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Get your spook on! (1 slot each!) by Dipindu www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Get your spook on! (1 slot each!) by Dipindu
  11. lycheefreeze

    Autumn/Halloween Eggs [Follow Link]

    www.furaffinity.net: Autumn/Halloween Eggs! by lycheefreeze
  12. Darklunac

    YCH -adopts - 5$ iron artist - commission

    Hey everyone! I have a couple of things for sell right now! Lets start with my YCHs! I have a pokemon go themed one and an autumn themed one: They will be made in theis style: I also have 2 colorful griffin adopts right here looking for a family: Alongside my regular commissions...
  13. SafKeesh

    Fall Sale! Anything autumn related 35$US only!

    That is CORRECT. Fall is my favourite season, the spookyness, the sweaters, the colours, ALL OF IT. To celebrate, i'm bringing my usually 40$ price down to 35$ if anything you want is SPOOKY OR FALL-Y! Up above are only examples, but if you want anything related to the season, spill the beans...