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  1. Glume

    Pixel Art Icons/Avatars for sale!

    Hi, its me Glume! I'm here to make you some character icons!
  2. Kouji

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Fully Shaded Headshot Icons! [OPEN]

    ★Icon Commissions★ ☆ Prices ☆ Single Character - $35 Couples/Pairs - $60 Examples: ☆ Will Draw ☆ - Light Gore - Any Species, including Human - Headshots only, BUT - Will draw props and/or hands - NSFW/Kinky - Ask if you aren't sure! ☆ Will Not Draw ☆ - Anything below the neck/shoulders...
  3. Brotafur

    (Commission) Selling: New artist offering cartoony SFW portraits/avatar commissions. Starting at £10 ($13)

    Hopefully the picture says it all! Link to the FA upload here for more detailed info. I'm pretty new here and want to try and do some portraits for people. I specialised in a variety of cartoony styles that sit somewhere between Disney and anime, but I can do more iconographic or chibi stuff...
  4. ErraticJolteon

    (Commission) Selling: Pride Icon Commissions! [$10-$15]

    I'm doing commissions for pride month! gotta gather some money for a few things. any money after I get everything I need will go to the BLM movement. I can also do other things such as busts and fullbodies, just message me and I can gather up a quote. $10 for flatcolour, $15 for shaded!!
  5. F

    Forum Avatar file size limit?

    I tried updating my avatar, but it wont let me. It says "at least 200x200" but what's the file size limit?
  6. Dreammaker33

    Hiring: Cow character avatars($15 to $122) (CLOSED)

    Type Of Commission: Cow character avatars for use online. Number Of Required Pieces: four File Type: PNG File Resolution: 200 x 200 or 500 x 500 OC/Other References: Harriet, Melisa, Caroline, Rose. Payment,Paypal, Points: Paypal Payment Full Or Half: half or full Budget: $15 to...
  7. PixiuDraws

    Cheap Icon Commissions ($5-$7) OPEN

    I'm experimenting with Paint Tool SAI, so I'm opening up some icon commissions. Examples of SAI icon: Example of my regular work: Artwork Gallery for PixiuDraws -- Fur Affinity [dot] net TOS: - For payments under $20, I require the amount upfront and will not start until I have been...
  8. smear

    character reference, icons, and more!

    hiya! im smear, and id love to do art for you! i specialize in character ref, and vivid full-body illustrations :) visit my website for my prices and expanded portfolio.
  9. mm-d

    (Commission) Selling: TOTALLY TUBULAR PORTRAITS for Legends Only [$25 and $60]

    hewwo! i am MD and i PAINT THINGS i also paint these things Bigly Goodly y ou fhsould you should take a look! take a look! please take a l images do want Something Like This? i can create Something Like This, just for YOU !. i can pay me Alright, seriously though: at the moment, all I'm...
  10. NynAvrish


    I’m opening emergency commissions because my couple needs surgery and we are in need of paying the hospital fee… We need 2K USD at least… If you want the details please PM me because I don’t think its respectful to publish what’s going on. My couple’s commission info is I know some people...
  11. I

    What is the avatar above you thinking?

    So basically, you look at the avatar above you and write what you think is going through their mind. You can also post a picture to describe it if you want!
  12. TeevzArt

    Cartoony Furry Icons!

    Hey guys, I'm selling these sleek icons for $20 USD each! I do have other commissions available, so if you'd like to check them out you can do so here! docs.google.com: TeevzArt's Commission Info You can contact me here, on dA, twitter, or via email! Teevz on DeviantArt Teevz (@TeevzArt) |...
  13. SaruCharmed

    Limited: $5 avatars! Taking 5

    I'll draw you one non-animated avatar consisting of a headshot of your character + background for $5! Taking five slots!
  14. supermint

    Commissions OPEN! Variety of types.

    Click here for full information Click here to order For questions, please reply to this thread! Thank you for your time.
  15. Knuxtiger4

    Digital Painting Special!

    Opening up another art commission special since in need of money due to personal life issues going on. <——————————————————————–> What I Will Do: -Animals -Sonic OCs -Anthro/Furries -Gemsonas/Human-like OCs What I Will Not Do: -Anything in the realm of NSFW or fetishes -Characters from...
  16. Guilleum2

    Holly Icons (Dec only) $12

    Happy December! From now until the 25th I am selling holly-themed holiday icons! They are digitally drawn with a binary pen and flat-colored with a couple highlighted accents. They are made 500x500 and can be resized at your request for no charge! Icons are $12 each. Couples will be taken on a...
  17. Shadify

    YCH Avatars (15$)

    Hello guys! So I'm here to say that I'm finally ready to draw some YCH avatars for ya! Take a look: www.furaffinity.net: YCH avatars (15$) [UNLIMITED] by Shadify
  18. 1funn

    $20 Icons! Four Slots only!

    Hi guys, I decided to open up some icon commissions! I'll draw just about any character. Humans, furries/anthros/ferals, ponies, monsters, anything goes! I currently only have four slots open. I accept Paypal only! :) Here are some examples of my work! If you have any questions, please...
  19. Tigers-on-Unicycles

    Chibi Style Full Bodies, $30 - $40

    I'm opening 3 slots. Completed drawings will be 250x250 pixels -could be used for avatars and such! $30 for nude character, $40 for clothing and accessories. Anthros welcome. Contact me via private message or reply. Artwork Gallery for Tigers-on-Unicycles -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My gallery...
  20. HMBabyDoll

    Adding Icons to your profile

    So I know how to add icons to the profile on FA but what I don't understand is how some people have like.. a hundred icons on their profile and for myself I can't add more than a certain amount? How can I fix this or bypass the limit?