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  1. .wav

    Anyone here heard of Daisuke Nakayama?

    I friggin' love his art style, it's like a mix of Gorillaz and Jet Set Radio Future. This is the sort of tyle I want for my art
  2. .wav

    Man I wish this was an actual anime!

  3. Revates


    Hey everyone, Thought I might get back into furrum posting. I'm gay, I like to post, I work, sleep, study and voice post/bidleo game with my manimal furriends and that's my life. Thanks and godspeed.
  4. Yakamaru

    The Brave Wilderness and other cool animal videos thread!

    I honestly haven't seen any such threads, so I thought I'd make one. This thread is dedicated for Brave Wilderness and other cool animal videos and people. Coyote Peterson is awesome. He makes a lot of good videos, and from what I've heard he was inspired by Steve Irwin into making the...
  5. Simo

    Why are skunks so wonderful?

    Yes, time for a wholly objective poll here, about skunks! What makes them so awesome? Multiple choice poll, select as many choices as apply... Also, they are very modest, no?
  6. E

    "Once in a Blue Moon" has never been so literal

    There's going to be not one, but TWO Supermoons in January (1/2 and 1/31). Making the second Supermoon a rare Blue Moon. And AND! During the Jan 31st Super Blue Moon, there will be a Lunar Eclipse!!! Unfortunately I will not be in a prime viewing location during the event, but it's...
  7. TheCreator2017

    New Guy Here

    I'm new on Furry Affinity and came here hoping i could find some collaborators. I'm working on a few works already - the furry related one is "The Modian Association" which I've almost finished the first season for. Are there any artists out there who want to collaborate? Or perhaps someone who...
  8. Gangsta Fox

    What do you guys think of an Art Storage

    This is an idea had taken from DeviantART and thought it would be great if you would apply it here. I would like to ad an art storage. Let's put a storage for art here, let's say you had a picture you liked but it's inappropriate or unwanted on the gallery. And you want to keep the score of how...
  9. G

    Open for Commissions! Anthro, NSFW, or anything you'd like!

    So I'm a young artist wanting some commissions! First of all, here some examples of my artwork~ molyholy36.wixsite.com: jaysartgallery (SFW!) molyholy36.wixsite.com: jaysartgallerynsfw (this is NSFW!) My prices are almost completely negotiable! Starting from 20$ and up. Make an offer...
  10. G


    hellow! Here's a link to my fA Userpage of garruuk -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'm gonna take three sketch requests, and I won't pick in any specific way. May the best man win!
  11. Juggalover

    Fursuiters are brave!

    This post is small, I just want to thank fursuiters for being brave. Going out in a suit is tough when you know people will mock you, or possibly attack you. and I think it says a lot about you for wearing your fursona anyway. so I want to say thanks, and keep being awesome!
  12. Nemnth

    Welcome To the Dungeon(s And Dragons)!

    I had an idea, why don't we play a little forum game version of Dungeons and Dragons? (Sorry if this isn't the right place, just throw the thread somewhere else if it isn't, this is a game so I thought it might go here!) I'll be the DM or the Dungeon Master. Whatever I say, goes. I'll be...
  13. Maximus B. Panda

    Armored "Fursuit"

    Looking to get a fursuit eventually. Well, sorta. I am wondering about the possibilities of an armored fursuit. For instance, arms and leggings being made with kevlar and some tough materials that would offer protection against edged weapons and shrapnel, and the mask having some small...