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baby fur

  1. Z

    Have a free spot in a commision!

    So im looking for someone who already has a fursona to take a free spot in a comic im getting commisioned. THIS IS AN ABDL/BABYFUR COMIC WILL INCLUDED MESSY DIAPERS. Okay so for anyone past that, im looking for someone to be next to my character, turn into a diaper, and regress my character to...
  2. Band1t

    Anyone down for some Babyfur/Diaperfur kinda rp?

    Really just looking for a long term partner for now. Preferably SFW and someone whos semiliterate. Any gender accepted too! Ciao!
  3. wonke0

    (Commission) Selling: Baby fur commissions! 25$+

    Hiya! I'm here to offer cute baby fur version of your ocs! Each baby fur piece is 25 USD, it can also include small objects and flat colored background! +10$ for each additional char on scene +20$ to 50$ for backgrounds, depending on the complexity! You can check all my commission...
  4. L

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Baby Fur YHC, 1 slot left

    Hewo. I recently released a small series of YCH for babyfur/DL characters. The last slot is still open here: www.furaffinity.net: Diaper view YCH (Pillow Fort) by LittleBearArnold So, feel free to claim any time. This an unique YCH with an unique background and foreground. Example of a taken one:
  5. L

    Looking for a descriptive Roleplay Partner

    As the title says, I'm currently looking for a descriptive roleplayer to do fun roleplays with. Primarily I'm looking for someone over eighteen, male or female who is very motherly or fatherly. As my name suggests, I am a fan of diapers. *I say, blushing a little as I say shuffle my feet with a...
  6. Nintendeered

    Bubbles Babyfur YCH

    I'm currently auctioning off a tiered YCH c: YCH Link: www.furaffinity.net: Bubbles! YCH by SugarPup SB for both gets a colored sketch If total bidding gets to $20 it will be lined and colored If total bidding gets to $30 the lines will be colored If total bidding gets to $40 it will be...
  7. Tytysi

    Discussion for Littles/Baby/Diaper Furs

    Hey there everyone! Fresh topic, fresh conversation, and fresh perspectives. This is a topic for anyone that identifies as a Little or a Baby/Diaper Fur to come together and chat, share art of their fursonas, and answer any questions that people outside of the community have for us. Some...
  8. Tytysi

    Any other Little/Baby/Diaper Furs?

    Hey guys! So, I've always had my one and only furry OC that represents me. He's a slender lion-mouse boasting confidence and athletic prowess. He's been my fursona for around 6 years now, but I've decided it's finally time for me to make a secondary, and what better secondary to have than one...