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back from the dead

  1. Suri

    Sketchbook: I'M BACK!

    Hello, I will be very active in this forum publishing my progress in my drawings: 3 I would like to know if I can make friends who want to share ideas or a group of discords to share my drawings! Thank you This is a WIP of my next icon! >u< Reference:
  2. Bipolar Bear

    A voice from a 'Bi'-gone age... GET IT?!?!?!?!

    Hey dudes. I used to be a member from way back in late-2011 and left 1 year later due to <insert 'generic whiny furry drama that I was too young and too stupid to not get sucked into' here>. After about another 4 years of hanging around another furry forum called SoFurry, meeting new people...