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  1. Suri

    Sketchbook: I'M BACK!

    Hello, I will be very active in this forum publishing my progress in my drawings: 3 I would like to know if I can make friends who want to share ideas or a group of discords to share my drawings! Thank you This is a WIP of my next icon! >u< Reference:
  2. Nihles

    Being furry is good for your back!

    Only kind of joking here. There was a news story on NPR this morning that said "Pull your tail out so it can wag". Sitting so that you don't sit on your tail, like I am now is good for you =D Link here:
  3. Mr.Evergreen


    Hello! My name is Theo. I was a furry a long time ago but had to take a break because of the German fandom which became more immature and arrogant with time. I think it's on a good way again and so I'm stumbling back into the fandom. But now internationally. Anyhow, I'm also a hobby artist...
  4. Angellothefox


    Gosh you have no Idea how much I missed these when they got taken down. I only just realiszed they was up moments ago so this is a fantastic surprise for me:D I think you can create groups on this or you could last timeo_O Hopefully it will be pretty good to see everyfur again:)