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  1. Nexus Cabler

    Horrible Gear and Items in Games

    Games can have a generous amount of useful and powerful weapons and items to use as you play, however, there are some that have dumb, impractical, or otherwise bad in design traits that leave us disappointed and angry. Let's archive all the junk in games that are unusable or leave a sour taste...
  2. Nexus Cabler

    Silver Linings In Your Life

    We all have awful days and moments, but sometimes they can have small or even large benefits once we notice them. Let's share them here.
  3. FlowerHead

    Worst introductions

    Introduce yourself and/or your fursona in the worst way possible! Write as many sentences as you want or keep it short, doesn't matter I'll start: "Hi I'm Joshua and I'm a lazy pörn artist and genderfuckup who's the size of a middle-schooler, I'm from a country that most Americans don't seem to...
  4. Vinfang

    Artists, have you ever been scammed by a client?

    Here is the story... I just got scammed. Client paid $60 out of $480 and is deleting herself on FA after she got busted ( I showed her the copied response from the 3rd party helpdesk ) I would probably remember this forever, because this is the first time it has happened to me. This is awful...
  5. Rubberkitten

    Blocked a Dangerous Threat from FA ads

    I was streaming picarto, and uploading a drawing to FA, and i noticed my Bitdefender blocked an ad that tried to install something on my pc. This wouldnt be the first time either. Another incident when i was scrolling up my profile, and something was blocked again by my antivirus. I dont know...
  6. HazelCat


    *if this isn't the place for me to post something like this, I'd appreciate you telling me so I can take it down* I have such a good life, and yet I'm so miserable. I'm too stupid to realize the good aspects of life, and I can't even remember exactly what reality is or the point of it. It's...
  7. Reiv

    What Do You Play When You're Stressed/Frustrated?

    You had a rough day, you have access to video games, you sit down and start playing something. What do you play when the day didn't go as you planed it? When I'm in a really bad mood, I play Osu! or Warlords Awakening or Tales of Berseria.
  8. Simo

    Should foxes be illegal?

    Noted for naughtiness; marveled at for mischief; the very token of trouble and trickery and the sultans of sass: should foxes be illegal? I say no, but with certain conditions :V After all, there's nothing more fun, than a frolicsome fox on a rampage of mischief and glee, to warm the heart of...
  9. charlesgray

    Worst traveling experience?

    I just got back from being on vacation and the last 24 hours were horrible because I got the flu which made the 4 hour plane ride hell. So I was wondering about other people’s bad traveling experiences?
  10. Beatle9

    "So bad they're good" Games

    I know this is more common when talking about movies, but I was wondering if anyone has played any bad games that they consider "so bad they're good". One I can definitely think of is an often overlooked game called Raw Danger, also known as Disaster Report 2. I remember playing the first...
  11. Luku_Zuku

    Sketch Dump...

    So, I do a little art... and I'll dump anything here for now...... For now.. I got a thumbnail to show of my fr, Luku...