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badge commissions

  1. MoonriseLotus

    (Commission) Selling: ($20+) Marker & Watercolor Kemono Style (human too) Mailed!

    Greetings! I'm offering two types of commissions. Getting them mailed to you is not a requirement, but an option! Either way, you will receive a 300 DPI PDF scan of the piece (no watermark). If you choose to get them mailed, I'm doing USPS Flatrate envelope that will be an additional $8.95...
  2. flufferrrr

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) $35 Traditional Headshot Badges [Open]

    $35 + Shipping Laminated with a background of your choice Sticker letters or written letters Optional diamond eye shines Optional background diamonds I take CashApp, PayPal, and Venmo! If we're able to communicate off site that would be great too! I have Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter...
  3. mutty_blue

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Badge Commissions Open! W/ free shipping c:

    Take a look at the original post here -> https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43624523/ Custom digital art badge cоmmissiоns are now open! Price starts at $50 for flats; $65 for cel shading c: shipping is free and available internationally! Each badge is printed on cardstock, laminated, and...
  4. NutellaTortillas

    (Commission) Selling: Headshot/Badge $5 Commissions!

    Hi! I’m brand new here and want to spread my work to other sites hoping to get commissioned more. I have these headshots open and on a summer sale for $5! Badges are $7! Any species and a turnaround time of same day and up to two weeks! Thanks for looking :D !
  5. ghostkyu

    Headshot / avatar / badge/ sticker comms open (from £12)

    £12 (GBP) each or 2 for £20 (PAYPAL) Piece includes: Flat colors and minimal cell shading Transparent or minimal background (you can have both it's no extra cost) Can also draw neck and shoulders or something if you don't want just a floating head (That was just my preference) Specify things...
  6. Jakarva

    Ref Sheets starting at $45! badges At $20

    A flat colored reference sheet. Front and back view, up to 3 props, 5 likes, 5 dislikes, gender, species, orientation and height. Name in top left corner. Starts at $45 can go up based on complexity. Headshot badges Digital copies only NO BG/COLOR BLOCK Flat color - 20 shading -25 Cel Shading...
  7. cyanpup

    Commissions OPEN!

    I’m opening up some commissions on here just in time for the holidays! 3 slots are available for each commission style. you can comment here, message me, or email me at hello@jrzuckerberg.com to inquire! additional TOS: -you are welcome to share/repost any work I create, but please be sure to...
  8. abysssolider

    Needlepoint/digital badges/art SFW

    Hello everyone I am open for another 2 commissions of my Needle point badges! What are they you ask? Its your character cross stitched onto plastic canvas with a nice soft fleece backing. Its better than paper cause you dont have to worry about easily creasing them and they last quite a while...
  9. Snowflake_theFox

    Commissions are OPEN!! $5 USD and more!!

    :cool: Welcome to my post! :cool: Today, I offer you a long variety of commissions: linearts, headshots, halfbodies, fullbodies, badges, reference sheets, icons and more! You can check my prices HERE ($5 USD and +) I can draw: furries/anthros and ferals. Fanarts or original creations. Just...
  10. Smilescream

    Z's $25 Colorful Badges

    Options: #1 ($25) More Toony (would include chest filled out, was WIP) #2 ($25) Less Toony #3 ($50) Fully-Rendered *Slots Open:// 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ((10 total slots. Only 4 Slots Open for Fully-Rendered, Option 3)) *I'm considering opening more slots, depends on how long it...
  11. XeronaArt

    Badge Commissions Open!

    BADGE COMMISSIONS I have badges and other types of commissions open! The badges are $40+ depending on the amount of detail you want and other accessories on your fursona. PLEASE FILL OUT COMMISSION INQUIRIES HERE! It makes things easier for me c: If you have any questions please message me...
  12. jwatkinsart

    Realism Portrait Commissions Open!

    Hey everyone! I'm opening up for a few portrait commissions. These start at $35. The price can vary by the amount of detail you'd like and the complexity of your character. Yes, I can also make these into badges. Here are some examples of my work: Feel free to reach out to me for more...
  13. De4dsh0t

    5$ badges

    I need to save for a new phone so im offering these. Shipping in the us is free and shipping out of the country country is $1.15 If you're in the us i can add on tracking for $3.60 Examples below: Sta.sh Uploads 811 If you're interested shoot me a message
  14. P

    Badges starting at $5

    Hi Im new here, a friend of mine recommend this site to me. Anywho.. I'm trying to save up to rescue an albino python, she's so beautiful and I just have to get her.
  15. ValensArtDen

    Icons, badges, ref sheets, full painted digital pictures, and $5 YCH!

    Hello, and welcome to Valen's Commissions! These are both SFW and NSFW commissions :p Please remember that you can check out more art examples over at my FA, Tumblr, and Twitter! What I can draw: -Animals (feral, semi-feral, anthro) -Nature -Fantasy animals , monsters, and creatures -Pokémon...
  16. Creechling

    $10 Badges/Busts

    I am looking to gather a collection of examples for badges/busts commissions so I'm offering a limited number of slots for $10 each here on the forums. These will be artist choice except for the mood (happy, sad, angry, ect), I am also willing to add detailed accessory designs to these if you'd...
  17. sweetlapin

    Commissions Open! Furry & Humanoid! Icons, chibis, waist-ups, and more!

    Hey there! I'm opening up commissions for the winter! Some examples and prices are below! I'm also happy to do badge commissions for those of you who are interested! With FC coming up, I'd love to draw some of your fursonas for you to wear! Pricing will be based off of the typical...
  18. P

    Cross Stitch Badges - Open Comissions

    What I am offering are one of a kind, (totally unique!) hand stitched, physical badges! My badges are all original patterns. No one badge is ever recolored for someone else. Badges are a three step process - from original art, to personally converted pattern (no auto software here!), to stitched...
  19. VaurienVixen

    $6 Candy gore headshot badges

    I can do any species as long as You give Me Your ref sheet. You can choose blood/bone color and expression. Badges are drawn on sturdy sketchbook paper and laminated with transparent contact paper. price is $6 usd and that also covers the shipping. unless you live outside the us. paypal only.
  20. Emmaelou

    Traditional Badges

    Hello everyone! I thought I'd post here displaying the various traditional badges I am open for making! I hope that you'll find my prices fair, and I'm even willing to haggle a certain amount for you to be able to get the badge you'd like! (For anything 18+ I do require some form of proof to...