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  1. JustAKat

    Commissions (Selling): HQ Badges Starting at $30USD *SALE*

    Hello, my name is Kat! I recently bought a art printer more specifically the Epson SC-900. My art has improved as well. So I am selling badges: Headshots- $30USD Halfbody-$45USD *SALE* Buy one get one 25% off. ALSO Retweet: to get an 5% off FIRST purchase. Free shipping within the USA...
  2. Fluffster

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions open: $5-$40+

    Heyo! Fluff here! I got some commission spaces open so thought would share them here as well! Headshot sketches - $5 Headshots/Badges - $15 Flat/$20 Shaded Halfbody - $25 Flat/$30 Shaded Fullbody - $35 Flat/$40 Shaded Backgrounds can be added for an extra cost Simple - $10...
  3. OblongRaven

    (Commission) Selling: Ferals: Digital or Traditional Badges and Artwork ($5-40)

    OblongRaven's Art Traditional and Digital Feral Art More info about me: oblongraven.deviantart.com Non-Badge Art: Bust (Sketch): $5 Bust (Lineart): $15 Bust (Full Color): $25 Full Body (Sketch): $10 Full Body (Lineart): $20 Full Body (Full Color): $30 Add Shading +$5 Pieces I deem more...
  4. catstruction

    (Commission) Selling: Physical Badge's for $15+pc!

    Looking for an physical badge? With $15/12€ +postal charges you'll get digitally made, printed, laminated and key chain ready badge!
  5. Ringebell

    Hiring: Closed ^^

    Heyho, like you probably guessed from the title, I'm looking for an artist who can make a traditional badge. It should either be a half- or fullbody, cell or soft shaded and laminated. The badge is for my sona Ringebell in his first outfit on the ref. Some general info: - I prefer Toony...
  6. WolfySilver

    (Other) Selling: Rat Enamel Pin Badges - Starting at £8.00

    Hello, I've recently started a kickstarter to be able to create my winged rat enamel pin badges. They will be 35mm in size and made in hard enamel. Pledges start at £8.00 for one pin badge (although higher pledges make it cheaper per pin if you want multiple rattie pins! :D) I also have...
  7. JustAKat

    (Commission) Selling: 20$ Badges (shipping Included!)

  8. Yggdrasil

    (Commission) Selling: Open for commissions! $20 - $80+

    •~Howdy, everyone! I'm Yggdrasil~• I'm completely open for commissions right now, with all 10 of my slots free! I'll draw any species, no matter how strange. Odd things I have experience with are spiders, fish, tardigrades, etc. I also don't mind being commissioned for fanart, or doing refsheets...
  9. Woofsnoot

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Custom Symmetrical Nature Badges! (SB: $5 / AB: $35)

    Heya guys! I'm a bit new to the forums, but I have an auction that's been going for a bit on my FA! [Auction Page Here!] I'm doing these symmetrical nature badges! They feature your character with cell shading and colored lineart in front of whatever nature you choose. The reason I'm doing...
  10. SedgwickTapir

    (Commission) Selling: $10 Pronoun Badges!

    Due to popular demand I’m opening more slots for pronoun badges! These are only $10! For $5 more I’ll print, laminate, clip, and bring for pick up at TFF For $10 I will print, laminate, clip, and ship to you! If you are interested, please send me a PM or email at SedgwickTapir@gmail.com! Examples:
  11. Nacht.Wolf

    (Commission) Selling: Sale - Open for Pet/Fursona portraits! $15-$45

    I’m open for some pet/fursona portraits! The sketch shown is of my own Nala (my GSD) Offering three styles for sale right now. Simple sketch headshot - $15 Colored full body clean sketch - $25 (If not your pet, this is a -feral- version of your fursona) Full painted headshot - $45 Either...
  12. Alkraas

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Art Comms + Badges (8€ - 75€)

    Hello! I want to sell some more commissions, taking 3-5 slots only. Badges are sent from Germany with priority and signature! • My TOS: docs.google.com: Alkraas' Terms Of Service • My Reviews: aminoapps.com: Reviews | Wiki | Furry Amino • My FA page for more examples: Userpage of Alkraas --...
  13. R

    30$ badges

    This includes lamination cost and shipping Message me for examples because I don't know how to add them here
  14. driftingdragon

    (Commission) Selling: IRON ARTIST: $15 Badges

    Hey everyone! Driftingdragon here with a super awesome IRON ARTIST SALE! Get yourself a badge marked down over %50 compared to artwork of this quality! I'm doing ONE HUNDRED SLOTS So come get them while they last! Contact me at... Telegram: Driftingdragon Discord: Driftingdragon#2136...
  15. NekoPawMoon95

    Help printing out a badge.

    Hello. I'm in the stressful situation here and I might need help. I have an artist who done a badge for me, but she won't print it out and ship it to me. Unfortunately I cannot drive or such. So I some someone to have it print out, laminated it, cut it, punch a hole and ship it to me. Or tell...
  16. M

    (Base/YCH) Selling: $5/ £4 YCH Button-eyed Badges

    paypal only, ych, any species welcome! comment here if you want one, thanks!
  17. Kovie

    (Commission) Selling: Kovie's Commissions - Headshots / Drawovers / Fullbodies / Ref sheets, etc. $15-$60 +

    Hello, my name is Kovie. If you are interested in commissioning me, there are several ways to contact me. furaffinity notes / telegram / twitter or my email - kovied@outlook.com * * the fastest responses will be if you contact me via email, twitter or telegram. Feel free to ask me about...
  18. michi0michu

    (Commission) Selling: Furry Badges Comission $15

    HI! I’m Michi Michu, this time I bring commissions of this style Furry Badges, their price is $ 15 usd they are full color, and they can wear the ornaments they want back together and include the name. Only Paypal! I attached examples and social networks Facebook: facebook.com/michii.michu...
  19. Khei

    Custom Leather Con Badges

    Because I'm still a bit new to making these, I'm keeping the price low. $55 for standard. Minimal dye. (Example coming soon) $65 for Cutout. Minimal dye. Example: www.furaffinity.net: Leather Con Badge - Silvox by MarbledKitsu $75 for Standard. Full color. (Example coming soon) $85 for Cutout...
  20. boodrawsbones

    $20 Iron Artist Pin Badges

    $20 for 2.25" or $30 for 3.5", price includes shipping (in the US) and digital file. Will be started and completed in the month of January. These are super cute for cons or to show off your fursona year-round! More photos, and the order form, are available here: www.boodrawsbones.com: Iron...