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  1. TomTamBlack

    Looking for stylist for holistic graphic concept for my sona.

    A fluffy hello, I'm looking for a graphic designer who will create stickers, badges, emojis, business cards, postcards, etc. for me in addition to a refsheet. The aim is to create a fursuit with the refsheet and to adapt the other graphics to the suit accordingly. The suit is in kemono style and...
  2. Ahro

    (Commission) Selling: FULL

    More examples linked below and in form. Or you can note me here on FA as well with the below form copy/pasted. :) Pricing: https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/ahro/ TOS: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6322771 SLOTS: 1. Xaraphiel 2. Foxybrown 3. Novemberdear 4. SairenMane 5...
  3. CyanJellyCube

    New to drawing anthro (and having fun!)

    Hey there all! I'm a long time digital artist but I recently made the jump into drawing anthro. I'd love to expand my portfolio to be able to do badges. I'm still trying to figure out a line weight I like, I think I'm sticking with thicker lines so as a badge they would be visible from a...
  4. Ahro

    (Commission) Selling: CLOSED

    Hello! My commissions for November are open! Form is here: https://forms.gle/qbj6BACD327TkLrX9 Or you can note me here on FA as well with the below form copy/pasted. :) Pricing: https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/ahro/ TOS: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6322771 SLOTS: 1...
  5. Cherrypxw

    (Commission) Selling: CUSTOM MERCH

    Cherrypxw’s Merch Commissions - OPEN Hiya! Interested in custom merch of your character? Now’s your chance to get some! Some general info: My T.o.S and other info can be found here! I take payment through PayPal, MobilePay and bank transfer (SEPA-area). I DON’T draw NSFW (suggestive is okay)...
  6. flufferrrr

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) $35 Traditional Headshot Badges [Open]

    $35 + Shipping Laminated with a background of your choice Sticker letters or written letters Optional diamond eye shines Optional background diamonds I take CashApp, PayPal, and Venmo! If we're able to communicate off site that would be great too! I have Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter...
  7. Willow the Wolf

    What can you draw on the original MS Paint?

    So, spontaneously, I decided to see whether the original version of MS Paint was online. And it is!! Here it is: https://jspaint.app/#local:e0839cbf7457 This took me about three hours, I'd say. I wanted to see what I could create, and since I'm obsessed with badges, I made myself one! I did...
  8. mutty_blue

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Badge Commissions Open! W/ free shipping c:

    Take a look at the original post here -> https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43624523/ Custom digital art badge cоmmissiоns are now open! Price starts at $50 for flats; $65 for cel shading c: shipping is free and available internationally! Each badge is printed on cardstock, laminated, and...
  9. PiperSpeedwell

    Hiring ($25-$65) - Looking For A Con Badge - Must Be Done Before Megaplex 2021 (FILLED)

    Hi. As the titles says, I'm looking for a con badge to be drawn and in my paws before Megaplex in early August. I'm hoping I didn't wait too long for this and that a month will be enough time. Would want something in color. I have a couple of art pieces already for you to reference. Only change...
  10. JustAKat

    Commissions (Selling): HQ Badges Starting at $30USD *SALE*

    Hello, my name is Kat! I recently bought a art printer more specifically the Epson SC-900. My art has improved as well. So I am selling badges: Headshots- $30USD Halfbody-$45USD *SALE* Buy one get one 25% off. ALSO Retweet: to get an 5% off FIRST purchase. Free shipping within the USA...
  11. XenOrion

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions open: $5-$40+

    Heyo! Fluff here! I got some commission spaces open so thought would share them here as well! Headshot sketches - $5 Headshots/Badges - $15 Flat/$20 Shaded Halfbody - $25 Flat/$30 Shaded Fullbody - $35 Flat/$40 Shaded Backgrounds can be added for an extra cost Simple - $10...
  12. OblongRaven

    (Commission) Selling: Ferals: Digital or Traditional Badges and Artwork ($5-40)

    OblongRaven's Art Traditional and Digital Feral Art More info about me: oblongraven.deviantart.com Non-Badge Art: Bust (Sketch): $5 Bust (Lineart): $15 Bust (Full Color): $25 Full Body (Sketch): $10 Full Body (Lineart): $20 Full Body (Full Color): $30 Add Shading +$5 Pieces I deem more...
  13. catstruction

    (Commission) Selling: Physical Badge's for $15+pc!

    Looking for an physical badge? With $15/12€ +postal charges you'll get digitally made, printed, laminated and key chain ready badge!
  14. Ringebell

    Hiring: Closed ^^

    Heyho, like you probably guessed from the title, I'm looking for an artist who can make a traditional badge. It should either be a half- or fullbody, cell or soft shaded and laminated. The badge is for my sona Ringebell in his first outfit on the ref. Some general info: - I prefer Toony...
  15. WolfySilver

    (Other) Selling: Rat Enamel Pin Badges - Starting at £8.00

    Hello, I've recently started a kickstarter to be able to create my winged rat enamel pin badges. They will be 35mm in size and made in hard enamel. Pledges start at £8.00 for one pin badge (although higher pledges make it cheaper per pin if you want multiple rattie pins! :D) I also have...
  16. JustAKat

    (Commission) Selling: 20$ Badges (shipping Included!)

  17. Yggdrasil

    (Commission) Selling: Open for commissions! $20 - $80+

    •~Howdy, everyone! I'm Yggdrasil~• I'm completely open for commissions right now, with all 10 of my slots free! I'll draw any species, no matter how strange. Odd things I have experience with are spiders, fish, tardigrades, etc. I also don't mind being commissioned for fanart, or doing refsheets...
  18. Woofsnoot

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Custom Symmetrical Nature Badges! (SB: $5 / AB: $35)

    Heya guys! I'm a bit new to the forums, but I have an auction that's been going for a bit on my FA! [Auction Page Here!] I'm doing these symmetrical nature badges! They feature your character with cell shading and colored lineart in front of whatever nature you choose. The reason I'm doing...
  19. SedgwickTapir

    (Commission) Selling: $10 Pronoun Badges!

    Due to popular demand I’m opening more slots for pronoun badges! These are only $10! For $5 more I’ll print, laminate, clip, and bring for pick up at TFF For $10 I will print, laminate, clip, and ship to you! If you are interested, please send me a PM or email at SedgwickTapir@gmail.com! Examples:
  20. Nacht.Wolf

    (Commission) Selling: Sale - Open for Pet/Fursona portraits! $15-$45

    I’m open for some pet/fursona portraits! The sketch shown is of my own Nala (my GSD) Offering three styles for sale right now. Simple sketch headshot - $15 Colored full body clean sketch - $25 (If not your pet, this is a -feral- version of your fursona) Full painted headshot - $45 Either...