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  1. Storm Engineer

    Digital cel-shaded Badges now OPEN!

    ♞ Fine, detailed inked lines and cel-shading ♞ High resolution & detail - suitable for printing at A4 size @ 300 ppi ♞ Standalone version + Badge version with name ♞ Example: - Standalone version:www.furaffinity.net: Storm's badge (standalone version) by Storm-Engineer - Badge...
  2. nyannom1

    Quick questions for FurCon 2017

    Hello all, Further Confusion 2017 will be my very first convention I will go to and I have some questions that I couldn't find on the official site. If any of these questions actually are on the site, please let me know where. 1) The first day of the convention is the day where people who...
  3. RilleyBlue

    Badge commission open! start $12

    i'm open for digital badge commission! i can do both feral and anthro any species! but i don't do NSFW things Full body $28 Half $20 Headshoot $12 i accept paypal :) example:
  4. Mitchel

    Badge Trades!

    examples: Sta.sh Uploads 2753 You can choose head, bust, or full body (feral or anthro). I also have "mugshot" style, which are the face forward, more realistic badges. Sadly I cannot laminate anything or include a badge clip, but as long as you ship my art for free I'll ship yours for free...
  5. SpunSugar

    Kawaii Badges for Midwest Furfest Pick Up

    I will be having a table in the dealers room at Midwest Furfest and I have badge commissions open. Right now I am having a special sale for the first 2 to commission a badge. Badges are normally $35 whether you want a headshot, bust, or full body, but the first 2 people will get one for $30. The...
  6. AD3496

    Characters for Sale

    Selling Darcy the wild adventuring Jerboa! She originates from Egypt but she loves exploring all of the world, going on adventures and seeing the world for what it is. The big beautiful globe. She often wears a white cotton t-shirt with a pyramid on it, with the word home scrawled underneath...
  7. Pinsley

    Badges, YCH, Custom artworks.

    Badges: Badge comissions like ones you see or similiar. The pic above is just an exampel of how they may look. If you want me to make one you should briefly tell me what your furr likes and describe it's personality so I can tell what to put in the composition around it. The price varies based...
  8. ToddWolf

    Halloween portraits commissions are OPEN!10 slots!

    Hello guys! Halloween is coming soon and I decide to open some portrait commissions in special Halloween theme. It means that you can ask me to draw anything you want ~ ~ want your character in witch dress? WELCOME! ~ want your character wearing skull on his face as mask? WELCOME! ~ want your...
  9. SoundwaveKun

    5$ Badges!

    Hey there! I'm looking to sell some fursuit badges! ^^ They will be 5$ just for the art alone, I do offer laminating/shipping but it'll be about 3$ more to cover the costs. I will only ship to the continental US (meaning everything but Alaska and Hawaii). If you'd like to laminate the badge...
  10. MintSolstice

    Fur Reality badge commissions! Only $10 pick up at the con!

    Badge commissions for Fur Reality! Headshots: $10 Bust:$15 Full body:$25 Can be digital or traditional! Laminated and everything! (If you are not going I am more than willing to ship them to you, but you must pay shipping!)
  11. SpunSugar

    Halloween Fur Badges $35 FREE US SHIPPING!

    What does your fursona want to be for Halloween? Whether you want a head shot or bust it is $35 with FREE shipping in the US. Your badge will come on a pretty gold chain along with a jack-o-lantern charm that you get to choose the color of (no more than 3 colors please). The second photo below...
  12. quaylak

    Pokemon GLO Badge Commissions!

    Badges are $40 + shipping. More details and ordering information can be found in this journal!
  13. Ludovique

    Ludovique's Commissions - [OPEN]

    See more of my art here: Userpage of ludovique -- Fur Affinity [dot] net THINGS I WILL NOT DRAW: - Bodily waste - Anything above a pg-13 rating (tasteful nudity is ok though!) COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN If you are interested in commissioning me, please send an email to lexicorncreations[at]gmail.com.
  14. silver.accalia

    Badge Commissions Open!

    I have 3/4 slots open for badge commissions! :) Here is a link for more info and examples: Deviantart: silveraccalia.deviantart.com: Commission Info Furaffinity: Commission Info for Silver.accalia -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Sizes and prices: Headshot: $12 usd + shipping, approx 4" by 3 1/2"...
  15. Sunwar

    In Need of a Badge or two

    Hello hello! I'm going to a local fur meetup for the first time on saturday, buttt I've found myself in need of a badge! Now dont get me wrong!! I'm not looking for it to be finished and shipped by saturday, I'm just in need of one if I go on more events in the future, Plus! I met a neat person...
  16. BadHedgehog

    25 Dollar Badges

    Hey guys! BadHedgehog here! I thought I'd let you know that I still have 20 slots left for these headshots/badges. Each is 25 USD and comes at a size of roughly 1000x1000 pixels. Paypal only! So in case you're interested, shoot me a pm or add me on skype (thesketchhog) or telegram...
  17. AlphaSheWolf

    $15 Headshot Badges-Ready to be printed, laminated and worn! Discounts available!

    Hi guys, want a badge of your character? Examples: www.furaffinity.net: Headshot Badge Commissions OPEN by AlphaSheWolf www.furaffinity.net: Headshot Badge Commissions OPEN by AlphaSheWolf Semi realistic headshot Flat(ish) colour Any species Any Gender PayPal only £10.50 GBP or $15 USD...
  18. SpunSugar

    Badges for Pick Up At Anthrocon

    I have 3 slots open for badge commissions for pick up at my booth at Anthrocon. Badges are $35 whether you want a head shot, bust, or full body. You can pick the color(s) of the paw print charm(no more than 2 colors please). Payment is accepted via Paypal. Buyer is responsible for PP fees. Here...
  19. Furrel

    Badges 10-15$

    Looking to try to get some commissions in for badges because I really enjoy making them. Here are my examples. Interested? See below images. ^These are 10$ and shipping is included.^ ^These are 15$ cause they take some time to do. Shipping included^ If you are interested in purchasing...