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  1. Arcgeist

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Marten-like creature adoptable auction! [SB at 30$, AB at 80$]

    I need a bust of money, so I'm selling this design I made. ♥️ Check the link of the submission for more details: www.furaffinity.net: ✨ Creature adoptable auction ✨ by Arcgeist
  2. S

    Am I uncreative?

    Everywhere I look, people's OCs have their own distinct personalities and unique story made up by their creator. My OC, however, doesn't even have its own name. She is Sophia, just like me. She is just me as a badger, basically. The only difference between me and her, besides species, is...
  3. S

    What to do with fursona?!

    Okay guys, my fursona is a female badger, who is a hybrid of all badger species, but looks pretty much like a European badger. Her full name is Sophia M. Badger. She lives in an underground house somewhere in the Northeastern U.S, where she makes a living off of hunting small animals, eating...
  4. S

    Badger fursona species??

    M'kay, I am a rookie furry. I believe that the badger represents my clever personality, but which species do I pick? I could be a tough, snake fighting Honey Badger, but I don't think I could handle the heat of the African Savannah. I could also be a European Badger, but those eat less meat...
  5. Mr.Evergreen


    Hello! My name is Theo. I was a furry a long time ago but had to take a break because of the German fandom which became more immature and arrogant with time. I think it's on a good way again and so I'm stumbling back into the fandom. But now internationally. Anyhow, I'm also a hobby artist...