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  1. Skakuna

    Tips plz?

    So, today I started making my very first fursuit. Here you can see the resoults of the first day of making: So, except of symethry that needs fixing... Any thoughts so far? Any tips or something? Also, what does it look like to you? I mean, I was aiming at a dog, but I'm not sure if you can see...
  2. Skakuna

    Balaclava on balaclava?

    I'm gonna make my head on balaclava and just recently it occured to me that if it's a part of the head it might shorten the life of the suit due to disinfecting and being unable to wash it properly. So... should I get another balaclava to wear it under the balaclava that is gonna be the base of...
  3. Skakuna

    Curving a hole in foam

    My fursuit head will have 2 pairs of eyes. The bigger ones of course will be on my eyelevel so I can see. BUT! The second pair will be on my cheeks. I wanted to make them 'vents' so I will be able to stay in fursuit longer a bit. But then there is a question. When should I carve the eyesocets...
  4. Skakuna

    Head with mandibles

    I want to make my very first fursuit. It's gonna be partial. Here's how my character looks like: www.furaffinity.net: Parkia by Skakuna Now. My problem is: I'm gonna use balaclava as my base. It's the type where there is just one hole showing eyes, nose and mouth. So I'm not quite sure how...