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  1. Jacob Bender

    Request: My fursona's Halloween Costume: Become Half human and half kangaroo DEADLINE: October 30-31

    Hey guys! As halloween comes up, my fursona DJ Jumpsta and I decided on the ultimate halloween costume. Can someone Draw 1/2 of me and 1/2 of jumpsta fused together? In other words one half of my body from head to toe for either the left or right side of the body is human and the other half is...
  2. A

    Kraft Dinner and Martial Arts: The World of Dragon Ball Z

    In the year 2000, Funimation produced and distributed a TV special titled The World of Dragon Ball Z. Featuring a heavily abridged retelling of Dragon Ball to the preparation for the battle against the androids in Dragon Ball Z, this special was given a promotional Kraft Dinner DVD release in...