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  1. MapleFlower

    Really Dumb Question About Banning

    Just a question- how come we can still see members that are banned in the members list? This is probably a no brainer- but I'm sorta curious ;w;
  2. VX666

    twitter suddenly banning furries?

    Been using it for a few months then all of a sudden got deleted right after posting some photos ( g-rated, SFW ). Anyone else have this happen? Cant log in either
  3. T


    Over the time I've been here, I've noticed the site has picked up quite a lot of spambots, specifically from the Korean Peninsula. This NEEDS to stop... Is there any way to IP ban them? It's getting out of hand.
  4. Zweenie

    Account Problem: Help getting an account unbanned? :/

    Hey guys, I'm an active user of FA, and have been since 2012. I love posting my own content on FA and viewing others, But unfortunately I've recently been banned.. I was banned for two reasons-- 1: "creating an NSFW account while you're Mature Locked" 2: "uploading adult content with small...
  5. Draken_The_Dragon

    [SOLVED] Unbanning Inquiry

    Hello, obvi banned account is obvi. It's been around 4 years now I think since I was banned on the main site. I'm just going to avoid the detailed history (I know one admin has an 'account' of it all) cause there's some honest misunderstanding to what happened but past is past. But I haven't...
  6. N

    "Artists" that take things to far

    Anyone else know of any FA artists/writters who probably should be banned from this site. I personaly think Laruf crosses a line and I'm pretty sure some of his "stories" violate the terms of use, judging by their thumbnail.