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banned account

  1. G

    I and a friend of mine got banned for something that we didn't do at all

    me and a friend of mine got banned on FA for something that we did not do at all and my friend also really never did anything wrong at all to because that person who banned also him blocked him months ago the person who did it goes by the name baronvonjackal and that he sold an oc that he...
  2. I

    Ban The Person Above You.

    Your banned, I'm banned, everyone's getting banned starting now. Abuse your modding privileges and ban the person above you for any reason you see fit.
  3. N

    Account Problem: Please help with ban appeal!!!!!!

    Hello, my name is Noah, I'm 14 years old and I'm having some bad problems with my furaffinity account named "noahstudios2002" I really need a moderator or an administrator whatever they're called to help me.... It's kinda a long story but please read.... I have a fetish for urine/pants...
  4. pistolkitty

    Account Problem: Ban Appeal, awaiting response

    Today, my account has been falsely reported on Monday of October, and I told the user who reported me of ban evading that I moved accounts, due to that account being compromised due to my password being stolen. I've sent an appeal letter to appeals@furaffinity.net, and they still haven't...
  5. Zweenie

    Account Problem: Help getting an account unbanned? :/

    Hey guys, I'm an active user of FA, and have been since 2012. I love posting my own content on FA and viewing others, But unfortunately I've recently been banned.. I was banned for two reasons-- 1: "creating an NSFW account while you're Mature Locked" 2: "uploading adult content with small...