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  1. Raever

    [PBP] Welcome to VA-11 Hall-A (Character Development Driven Bartending RP!)

    Rules, Setting Information, and Established Characters Welcome to VA-11 Hall-A This is it. The place everyone and no one has been talking about. Where pop stars flourish for media popularity and junkies slink around corners for their own taste of artificial fame; though, for you, its...
  2. Szynia Traniru

    Szyn’ Pub ‘n’ Inn (18+)

    Welcome to Szyn’ Pub ‘n’ Inn! Where the drinks are unlimited until midnight central standard time and the food is made to order. Come on down and be served until you’re ready to pass out and then do so in one of our upstairs rooms! There are a few rules however: -Absolutely! No! Drama! -No...
  3. goldenforehead

    "At the beach" YCH AUCTION

    Just finished this beach themed YCH, go check it out ! ;) SB: 30$ MB: 5$ AB: 130$ --> www.furaffinity.net: "At the beach" YCH AUCTION by goldenforehead <--
  4. lacelamb11

    Open RP - The Juice Bar

    Alrighty, so I've been lurking on the RP Tavern awhile, consistently seeing private rp request threads. I'm pretty new around here, but I'd been sort of disappointed by the lack of casual, open rp threads. So with the encouragement of some others, I decided to open this thread. The premise is...