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  1. CountingBlackSheep

    $12 Otter ref Base

    message me if you'd like to purchase !
  2. Wynst Draws

    Anyone have a male base I could use?

    I'm not sure where is the best place to post this. Does anyone have a male base I could use to get my OC started? Thanks!
  3. Grimm Hund

    Looking for Artist; Need Art Base to Use

    I'm currently working on getting one of my commissioners to show some progress on my pieces. I have little to no money for anything else but I have so much more that I want done. I have experience in digital art and utilizing Photoshop. What I need is a lineart or a colored base for a ref...
  4. DragonFoxAdopts

    All my acca

    Hello. I want to tell you about my adopts. 1. Right now I have an auction on the adopt "Shamla" from my developing species of "Rorshky". (www.furaffinity.net: SALE Adopt|AUCTION Rorshky Shamla OPEN! by DragonfoxAdopts The winner of the Auction will also receive an animated avatar "Shamla"...
  5. TayMalerei

    $10 Adopt

    www.furaffinity.net: $10 Adopt by TayMalerei www.furaffinity.net: $10 Adopt by TayMalerei www.furaffinity.net: $10 Adopt by TayMalerei
  6. Dods

    Base Pack 20$

    I made a base pack paypal only after payment you get .sai/.psd file with everything in it separated in groups more might come! - must credit me - can be used for comercial purposes as long as the base is credited - can be customized - enjoy and have fun using it! and it's not mandatory, but I'd...
  7. Keyoto-TheFox

    Icons, Refs, Design, etc - Cozycat Base Commissions

    Hello there! I bought the 2015 Cozycat bundle a while ago and have created a price sheet for what i will offer using them! I will create designs for these as well as color existing characters in. I can, in fact, make extra things to add on(hair, tails, wings, etc) so dont be afraid to have this...
  8. K

    Lucid Base By Waitress

    Not sure if this is the right place, but. I recently got the Lucid base. I was wondering if any one knew of some good bits to use with it? <.> I'm not good with drawing that kind of stuff, maybe if I tried for a while.
  9. Nova Scarlett

    Pre made Canine bases?

    Hi! Do you know of any makers that could make a Dachshund base?
  10. fuluchan

    (Artistic Liberty) Head Base to be Furred

    I have a fursuit head base that hasn't been furred yet. I commissioned the base initially for a dark purple alpaca character, but I will now leave the head design up to the artist. I'm open to all species and color options. Some of the base is lined with fleece, but I didn't do a great job so...