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  1. TheRabbitFollower

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [Auction OPEN] Halloween Monster Adopts [SB $25]

    New halloween-themed adopt set! These guys all start at $25-- DM to claim, or check out my TOS and Bid on Furaffinity! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/44022203/
  2. B

    (Commission) Selling: ($100+) Bewitched096 A-animation commissions ! Open!

    Hello! I'm open for animation commissions. I WILL DRAW: -SFW ; -Humans; (soooo original... - _-) -Anthro; -Monsters; -Furry; -Dragons and Reptiles; (I love dragons and reptiles) -Pokemon and Digimon; -Hypno fetish; (yeah am weird) I WILL NOT DRAW: -Scat; -NSFW (Depends :) -Cubporn or...
  3. JunimoPal

    (Commission) Selling: October Commissions! Halloween and Fall theme discount! ($20-$90)

    (Hi! First time using a forum like this, but I thought I'd give it a shot, let me know if I make any glaring mistakes lol) HOWDY HOWDY! I currently have commissions open with discounted prices for pieces that have either a FALL theme or a HALLOWEEN theme! Want your character just chilling with...
  4. Chomby

    Drake Meme With My Fursona

    I was bored today so I decided to make this meme with my sona, Ash. Feel free to use it! I'd love to see some memes with my boy! Enjoy!
  5. Chomby

    I renamed my fursona

    Asher is just "Ash" now. Very exciting news. This is all I have to say. Please flood me with your likes and comments. Bye. Bababooey.
  6. Chomby

    Dusty and his son, Asher Briggs

    Hiya! So, I don't think I've made a thread quite like this before, but I figured this would be the perfect place to talk more about my fursona Dusty Briggs and a new character I designed that's his son. I'm by no means a writer, but without further ado, let me explain Dusty's backstory...
  7. Sehra

    Looking for longterm partner(s)

    Heya! Very new to the forums (Seriously.. I didn't know this excisted until like.. Yesterday) Buuut, i'm looking for some long term rp partners, may it be nsfw or nsfw. I'm *pretty* good at roleplaying, have been doing it for a bunch of years. Setting wise, i'm openminded as *heck* so well. Feel...
  8. Chomby

    Request: Would anyone be willing to draw my were-bat, Dusty?

    I just finished his reference sheet and I love him so frickin' much! I would be so happy to get more art of him. He is officially my 2nd fursona and my 50th character. I would be so so happy. Someone said he is the most chad fursona they'd ever seen. I guess he's a chad. Lol P.S. NSFW is...
  9. Michaels_Fan

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Old bat adopts I found, $20paypal each.

    Howdy! I found a few old adopts I made last year. They never did sell, so I'm putting them up for adoption! You own the character after buying. I designed and drew it, so please credit me. I can add text of your choice, such as name, gender, pronouns. (Will remove watermarks) Please comment...
  10. batforbashful

    My First Official Fursona!

    It's Bashful the Bat Priest <3 Hope you guys like it!
  11. Shakko-san

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [OPEN AUCTION_sb $45] - Fruit Bat

    This little bat is looking for a lovely home! BID HERE!! SB: $45 MI: $5 - Specie/Race: Fruit Bat - Gender: Male, but you can change his sex if you'd like. ^^ - Love sweet food and cute things. Auction ends 72 hours after the first bid...
  12. economics bat

    Free Art: Hey, want a free slot in a double icon?

    Hey! You can see this content in my journal, here, also: www.furaffinity.net: Hey, want a free slot in a double icon? -- economicsbat's Journal . I'm getting a double icon with Vermine pretty soon. Prompt: - my character (a cute male-presenting vampire bat) is (consensually) hypnotizing your...
  13. Foxsh

    Hiring: New Ref Needed! Budget $40-$80

    Hiya! I'm looking for someone to help me do a much needed update to my Bat 'sona, Kishi! Here is what I have now: Kishi on Toyhouse What do I wanna change you ask? I wanted to adjust her.. er.. body shape. As much as I adore her now, to me she needs to be a bite more.. Curvy. Voluptuous. I...
  14. N

    my bat guy

    hope you guys love him , he's my first furry
  15. F.lee_art

    Does having a fursona make you a furry?

    It's something I've been curious to hear other people's opinions on, I personally have a sona, but don't understand much about the community. What makes you define yourself as a "furry"?
  16. P

    Bra for Bat/Wyvern type character

    Hey all. I'm new here and have a question regarding bat and wyvern style characters. Since their arms double as their wings, at least with how I'm drawing/imagining them, how would the females support their breasts? What kind of bra would work if any?
  17. Octopocalypse

    Uno - constructive criticism?

    This is Uno: A funky little bat rabbit. I decided to try and make him my first official fursuit and have finally gotten a mini partial done. (Some colours were changed around from the initial design and Im still waiting for blue fur to arrive) Im looking to get some critic and advise as Im...
  18. roido

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Moodboard Custom Adopts (OPEN 4/4)

    I need to raise some money so I can see my best friend! Put these together in hopes that'll happen These adopts are all going to be original drawings so no base :> which means there will be WIP sketches and a wait time Example of a finished adopt (www.furaffinity.net: Finished Custom by roido)...
  19. Khrysaetos

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: cute fantasy feral adopts! [5/9 open]

    I don't know what happened I just watched a couple episodes on netflix and when I came out of my stupor I had these ~ I : budding bun [@/TheZooAdopts on dA] a fuzzy desert dweller that loves to sunbathe II : tapirberry [$10] a velvety gardening assistant with a taste for pastries III : sage...
  20. Roadkill-Sarny

    Looking for a Short Story Commission

    Hey guys, I don't know how many writers there are out there but I was hoping to find someone who'll write a short story about a female bat OC of mine. If you're interested, comment here or send me a note. Hope to hear from you all. :3 My female bat OC and ShadowTech assassin Vanessa is...