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  1. LukeSnywalker

    Prehistoric Planet, a new WWD-style dinosaur documentary

    Sharing this on here because I figured some of you might be interested. For 5 nights from May 23rd to May 27th, a new series called Prehistoric Planet is being released on Apple TV+. It features some of the most up-to-date and realistic depictions of dinosaurs we've ever seen in media and it's...
  2. X

    His Dark Materials (2019)

    Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials saga has been made into a major TV series and NOBODY IN THIS F**KING FORUM IS TALKING ABOUT IT?! THAT'S SOME SERIOUS BULLSH*T. Anyway, yeah, first episode has been broadcast on British Television and I was pretty damn impressed. I've been a fan of the books...
  3. Water Draco

    Furry on UK national BBC Radio 1 interview.

    This evening Takk gave an interview on the 8th with Dev at 21:24 this evening on BBC Radio 1. This was a well handled interview and did a good job of representing the fandom. If you can access the BBC broadcast content online then it is well worth a listen.
  4. X

    Watership Down (2018)

    I've watched three versions of Watership Down and read the book a few times, and I am slightly obsessed with the 2018 adaptation (BBC.) The animation wasn't spectacular but the scope and scale of the story, the characterisation and the pacing kept me hooked. I'm not gonna lie, I have a huge...
  5. C

    My Idea for the BBC's British Animated Cartoon TV Series "Brummington the Chipmunk"

    I've Pitched an Idea for an Kids-friendly Children-oriented British Animated Cartoon TV Series "Brummington the Chipmunk" produced in UK by Martin Gates Productions (MGP) Ltd for BBC Worldwide in association with the BBC, with Richard Pearce to voice Brummington the Chipmunk and Sophie Aldred to...