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  1. SchlafenNigredo

    (Base/YCH) Selling: (30$+ ) Summer beach YCH auction

    SLOT A -any race -fem/herm -swimsuit can be changed -body type can be changed SB - 30$+flat render MB - 1$ AB - 160$ +soft render SLOT B sold https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47810069/ SLOT C sold https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47698453/ SLOT D -any race -any gender -clotnes can...
  2. Michelle_Lipton

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Summer YCH [SET PRICE] ❗SALE❗

    YCH OPEN [SET PRICE] 60$ ♥ Any species ♥ Gender - Female ♥ Amphibians and furry characters or people ♥ Emotions can be changed ♥ Your character will be drawn in this pose and against this background. ♥ I will charge an additional fee if there are a lot of edits ♥ Work will be completed within...
  3. MrSilverFox

    Hiring: ($50+) Closed - Fullbody, SFW, Beach Scene Commission (Preferably less than $100, but we'll see)

    Hello! I was wanting to see about getting a commission gift for a friend of mine who's been having a rough time. This is the character: https://gyazo.com/7f03ae913a9169b849d53f342dd229d5 They are a big fan of like marine life and water. So I was wanting to do something of them on a beach...
  4. Cultro

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Beach Day! [YCH UFA 3o$ SB]

    This is just a sketch - The winner will get a full drawing, full colored, full shaded with proper background (check portfolio/gallery) SB: 30$ MI: 2$ AB: 100$ Additional content: + 10$ [Only B] - Make the shillouettes in B more detailed (you can choose the characters) + 15$ - Blink Animation +...
  5. FishandBones

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH - Summer Fun! [beach scene] $30 and up (Sfw & Nsfw accepted)

    Please have a character sheet ready for this commission, and please send any extra little details you would like added. (I will discuss any additional costs if the extra details require it) I will accept Nsfw, such as nudity or suggestive elements please be specific. (you must be 18+ for this...
  6. TheARashi

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Hot Vacation YCH Picture set (Slots starting at $30)(FLAT prices)(SFW/NSFW)(9 Slots left)

    selling some slots for my Hot Vacation YCH set, just in time for summer! Come get slots to break into the summer heat! Set 01:Vacation 01- Wish you were Here - YCH.art (This YCH can be SFW at buyer's discretion) (4/4 Slots OPEN) Set 02:Vacation 02 - Deep Dive - YCH.art (2/4 Slots OPEN) Set...
  7. Cry-Alkali

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Beach YCH auction! Starting bid $15, autobuy $70

    www.furaffinity.net: YCH auction! (Open~) by Cry-Alkali Information here! Beach YCH! - YCH.Commishes Bidding will be held here! As stated in the title, the starting bid is only $15!
  8. WimexSeven

    Sketchbook: Wimex's Art Dumpster

    Making a permanent place to put all my furry art and sketches otherwise I'll be making a ton of new threads! Everytime I make a new piece, I'm just going to put it in a new post and not stretch out the OP. Please click on the spoilers to see each new image! One image per spoiler! Lol but to...
  9. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: In need of ship art!

    Hey all! I'm in need of some ship art! Beach setting, doesn't matter the pose! It's of these two.
  10. TheARashi

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Beach Lounger YCH (SFW/NSFW)(starting price $20)

    With the hot weather still persisting, I currently have a YCH available with various options applicable for those looking to imagine being on a cool beach with a hot comanion. I want to at least be able to pay for software expenses this month. For more information and a look, follow the link...
  11. Yonachka

    SB: $40 YCH Alice in Wonderland

    Hello! YCH -Alice in Wonderland- auction www.furaffinity.net: YCH Alice in Wonderland [OPEN] by Yonachka_doki SB: $40 Minimum bid increase: $3 _________________________________________________ Rules: ♥ 2 days after last bid ♥ you can pay after the finished sketch ♥ Paypal Only ♥ Female Only ♥...
  12. goldenforehead

    "At the beach" YCH AUCTION

    Just finished this beach themed YCH, go check it out ! ;) SB: 30$ MB: 5$ AB: 130$ --> www.furaffinity.net: "At the beach" YCH AUCTION by goldenforehead <--
  13. Liz_the_doggo

    Need drawing of sona!

    I’m new here!I have a sona called Liz I want drawings of, NSFW will be Preferred but SFW is also fine. ((Art of character not made by me Any pose will do!Thanks for helping me out! ~Liz the beach dog
  14. Guifrog

    Rock, paper, scissors, popsicles, machines, zebras, stuff

    Whazzup?! We're having a very nice luau on the beach and now it's time for some chilled out gaming. Here's how it works: I post a word, and the next one posts something that beats that word somehow. Likewise, the following poster tries to beat what the previous one used. Like this: User 1...
  15. sweetlapin

    Fun & Sexy summer YCHs!

    Hey everyone! I have these two YCHs up to celebrate summertime! <3 These are open for characters that are humanoid or furry! Any species welcome! Any gender is welcome, though femme is preferred for these poses! :3 If interested in either, please respond in this thread, note me on FA, or...
  16. pandymeez

    $25 Cute beach doggo

    Hello everyone! ^ . ^ I've got this guy to adopt out and I'm asking $25 USD for him! Though his name is temporarily "Sunny", whoever adopts him can change his name and I will remove his temporary name from the artwork. I only accept payment through PayPal. Comment or pm to claim. Please pay...
  17. TuchimuchiYoshi

    Baywatch Inspired Summer YCH $30/6 Slots Remaining

    www.furaffinity.net: [YCH AD] =+ JOIN FURWATCH (BAYWATCH) - NOW HIRING!! += by TuchimuchiYoshi --- PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY!!! --- JOIN FURWATCH -- THE FURRY BAYWATCH OF SUMMER 2017!! CURRENTLY HIRING PROCESS UNTIL MAY 31ST, 2017 AT 12:00AM EST!! We're looking for spirited, responsible and...
  18. xxow

    4 YCH, 6 Slots, Flat-Rate both N & SFW!

    These are all $35, flat-rate (not auctions!), single-buyer-per-slot, and will be finished with shading Recent examples: GA - 13+ - Mature - Adult I price YCH's lower than my standard commission rate, so you're actually getting a big discount when you get a YCH~! I am also totally open for...
  19. z-afiro

    Group YCH beach theme!

    Hi, please visit my new auction: www.furaffinity.net: YCH - Auction - Beachhhhhhhhhhhhhhh by z-afiro SB is 25usd, and AB is 60usd for each pose Auction for female and shemale characters The art will have 2 version, please read more about on the original Link ENDs: February 29 The art will be...