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bear fursona

  1. Cotton_Candy

    Sketchbook: WIP Fursona Ref Sheets

    So! Im updating my fursona and I wanna keep a log of the progress. Here's the sketch! I also decided to make a variant using the same base for my other fursona, Poppy
  2. SpiritBear1979

    Hiring: Looking for Reference Sheet Artist $35-60

    Hiya! I am looking for an artist to complete a reference sheet for my character. It would be a simple ref sheet with a front and rear shot, color palette and possibly a few expressions. If this is you, give me a growl! Look forward to talking to you soon! Here is some artwork my character:
  3. mila_crepe

    My first fursona!

    this is my first fursona!! I have to edit the 2nd image so it's better but !!
  4. E

    Looking for Artist to Draw First Sona

    Hey everyone, I'm not one for long introductions, so I'll just cut to the chase. I'm looking for an artist willing to draw a sketch/reference of my black bear fursona. Since this will be my first ever commission, I have no visual references but will be more than happy to provide a detailed...
  5. Illsent

    Any Suggestions for my Fursona?

    This is him: If you're wondering why he has horns, he's a breed of bear I made up called "Corniger Bear" which have small horns.