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  1. SootTiger

    Enovian Species

    ⋅ • ⋅ ⊰ ∙ ∘ ☽ ༓ ☾ ∘ ∙ ⊱ ⋅ • ⋅ Mountain Enovian were the first ever spotted by human eyes. Living amongst the rugged terrains of cliffsides and ranges, they adapted well to the varying grounds. With double dewclaws on their hind - and some times front - paws, these creatures scaled rocky hill...
  2. CalahooTheHyena

    Out of my OCs, who do you like more?

    I really wanna know who the fan favourite out of my OCs is! I have more OCs, but I want to choose these 3 characters for now! Artworks of Chihiro & Jaz belongs to @/RondoGrazioso on Twitter & the artwork of Echo belongs to @/Chubby_blue on Twitter
  3. strawberryeater


  4. berry

    Any pandas in here?

    Hi! Does anyone here have any panda-related art I could check out (SFW/NSFW)? If you’re on FA, I’ve love to check out your page if you’ve got one! Thanks in advance!
  5. Blue Moon the Folf

    Are there any bears out there? The species.

    I really like bears (the species) and am wondering if there's anyone with a bear fursona or something similar I can talk to! I'd love to get to know ya and even RP, if wanted. Just comment below, I'm curious.
  6. Blue Moon the Folf

    Are there any bears out there? The species.

    I really like bears (the species) and am wondering if there's anyone with a bear fursona or something similar I can talk to! I'd love to get to know ya and even RP, if wanted. Just comment below, I'm curious.
  7. Zuko

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Sun Bear Character

    Cross-posted on FurryLife Online by my account: PrxnceZuko. My old sun bear character is for sale! I have permission from the artist to sell, if anyone needs that lmk. I designed her! Artist is Carcharias. She does come with some art, PM me to see. All art has permission to be sold along...
  8. SolDirix

    Stupid Bear Comic Series (pls move to comics)

    A comic I was working on this year. Very wholesome, very stupid :3. Here are some of them. The rest can be found on my FA: here
  9. RealTrashPanda

    Critique: Looking for Critique - Blue Stripes

    Hi, everyone! I'm new here and was hoping for some feedback on a new story I've been writing. It's the first chapter of a larger M/M romance story, SFW but with some adult language. The story is called Blue Stripes and follows Blue the tiger as he meets Kai, a bear, while he is studying at...
  10. VeeStars

    Caption that image!

    The rules are simple. Caption the image above you and then post an SFW funny or random image. I'll start. There is no image above me so I'll caption it: "Endless void, so lame". Caption this image:
  11. G

    I Want to Learn What it Means to be a Furry [HELP]

    Hi, I'm writing an article on what it means to be a Furry and a member of the Furry community. I have 5 questions I would like to ask and would appreciate any responses and insight. Personal anecdotes are encouraged! 1) How does one discover their fursona? What forms of initiation take place...
  12. Ancert.Reovolt

    Fursona animal noises

    I want you to type out the sounds that your fursona animal makes. Or post links to the sounds that you make on soundcloud. I am a mainecoon the biggest and the best of all house cats. I have two vocal chord sets that can one full octave each. What does your fursona sound like?
  13. MikeTheBrownFox

    Need Help With My New Character!

    (Character designed by M0ett on DeviantArt.) I wanted to have a new furry character that isn't a fox for a while, and so I adopted a new character, a female black bear, to use in my artworks. However, she doesn't have a personality, clothing types, or other interests. I've been brainstorming...
  14. cockatrices

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Bear character with 20 pieces of art! 25-50$

    Hey! So I have this old sona of mine. I like? Disconnected from her. And I could always use the money, so I'm selling her and all of her art with her! I really hope someone loves her as much as I did and will give her a good home. I also have some other stuff for sale on my toyhouse, so if...
  15. Horatio Husky

    Notepad: (SFW/ABDL) Matilda the Bear - Chapter 1 [Comm] by Horatio_Husky

    FA: www.furaffinity.net: Matilda the Bear - Chapter 1 [Comm] by Horatio_Husky SF: Matilda the Bear - Chapter 1 [Comm] | SoFurry Wattpad: Matilda the Bear (ABDL/Hypnotization/Bondage/Diaper) - Matilda the Bear - Chapter 1 [Comm] - Wattpad
  16. Benjie Foxilia

    Hiring: {CLOSED} Couple Art, Mild NSFW? [≤$120 USD+tip]

    {AN ARTIST HAS BEEN CONTACTED. THANKS TO ALL WHO CONTACTED ME! THIS POSTING IS NOW CLOSED AND NOW EXISTS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.} G'day! I'm lookin' to get a digital drawing done of an anthro couple to celebrate a relationship anniversary. This would consist of two full-bodies, of course, and...
  17. shetaizettai

    Looking for someone willing to rp KENAI

    Kenai from “Brother Bear” NSFW - Yes Micro/Macro (Giant Kenai) - Yes Soft Vore - Yes Mouth Play / Dentist - Yes
  18. habanniro

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Selling anthro [$55] and demon [$60] adopts

    CURRENT LISTINGS CANDY DEMON //listing on dA: https://www.deviantart.com/habanniro/art/OPEN-CANDY-DEMON-SETPRICE-819154651 ANIMAL X RPG CLASS //listing on dA: [OPEN] ANIMALS x RPG CLASS -- SETPRICE by habanniro on DeviantArt -- CANDY DEMON DESIGN [60 USD Paypal] Design #7 [OPEN] Info...
  19. DepryRaer

    Take a croissant, darling, and let's talk

    Hi there everyone! I'm very new to the whole furry fandom and I didn't know where to start so I figured a forum would be probably the best choice. So, as stated in my profil, I'm a 28yo french bear and an artist! I want to take my begining on this forum as the occasion to draw more so i'll...
  20. W

    New here! I’m a big guy lookin’ for a literate/semi literate partner!!

    Heroes have been around for ages, and so from the ashes of the fallen men and women of justice... there rises a question. What does “good” really mean? ...The universe is only as good as the most vile being hiding out in the woodworks of space and time, and interplanetary leaders were quick...