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  1. razbeary

    any bear groups?

    im not meaning bears as in the gay terms, i mean actual bears. brown bears, black bears, sun bears, etc... not only is my sona a bear but i am bearkin too and would love to be surrounded by others who love bears, either having bear furry ocs too or kin as well. perhaps an rp group or a bearkin...
  2. SizeSupporter

    Welcome to the World of Macro and Micros!

    1. No underage Content please! ((Loli and shouta if any will lead to being Banned)) 2. Before you, Join Make sure that you are 18+ this is an NSFW channel! ((No exceptions if you are below the age instant-ban)) 3. Respect others and their boundaries (( if they are not interested...
  3. theMichiru

    Joined the Site awhile ago, but New to the Forums!

    Hey Nerds! (I call everyone that, even myself) I Joined the Site back in 2015 but never got around to Joining the Forums. I don't really have many friends on the Site so I was hoping to find some. I'm a bit new to the furry fandom but want to research therian more. Hopefully I'll get around to...
  4. PolarizedBear

    Horror Games

    Anybody wanna discuss or just share some of their favorite horror vidya? All horror games are allowed, if you want to talk indie, or otherwise. Dont worry, I wont make fun of ya for liking FNAF. Just started playing Forbidden Siren on PS2 Survival horror about several people who get stuck in...
  5. Alkraas

    LF: NSFW Anthro Bear (Chubby) Commission - 100 USD

    I am looking for some NSFW artwork for my boyfriend of our bear characters. Note, his character does not have an anthro ref sheet yet, only a feral one. His character is big and muscular, further information will be given upon contact. My budget is around 100 USD, Paypal. I'm looking for...
  6. Beatle9

    If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

    Any animal, fictional or real, wild or domestic. It would be guaranteed not to harm you or anyone close to you, and you would have the means to take care of it for the rest of its life. Mine would be a grizzly bear. Bears are my favorite animal, because they can be both badass and adorable...
  7. Endless Corruption

    Free NSFW Art // My Character x Your Character // Males Wanted!

    Not sure if this would be the right forum for this, but i'm interested in buying art of my character, Felice and having him paired up with somebody else's character. Please let me know if this interest you and maybe answer a few questions to help me decide, although it isn't required~ Species...