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  1. P

    (Commission) Selling: SFW & NSFW COMMISSIONS OPEN ($10+)

    Hi there! Please feel free to message me here or on discord to discuss a commission! You'll find some extra information below: YES: -furries, scalies, etc. -gijinkas -pets as anthros -people as anthros -nsfw (extra fee to be discussed) -mild gore -props (references required, may result in extra...
  2. J

    [Discord] Beastars [F for M or Futa]

    Title is a good start~! I'm a female looking to play a female herbivore. Simple enough, right? This can be entirely OCs, so long as it's taking place in the Beastars universe, cuz I really dig the dichotomy. If you want to play a cannon character, go for it. I'd like a little bit of plot, with...
  3. Ravofox

    books, comics or graphic novels featuring a modern style anthro society?

    I know this is a strangely phrased title, but I couldn't think of anything better to express what I'm asking about XD. Basically, I was wondering what other literary works feature a similar concept to Beastars (i.e a contemporary - not historical or futuristic - society populated by anthros and...
  4. impendingsenseofdoom

    B&W Doodle Page for $20!

    Due to everything going on right now I wanted to offer another special. Black and White doodle pages for $20! This means 4 to 5 fullbody doodles of you character, your choice of pose/clothing/expression/style. These will all be done traditionally (pencil and black ink) The examples I have are...
  5. Nihles

    Beastars Analysis! (spoilers warning)

    Conversation question: if you could become your Fursona, but in the Beastars setting where everyone is proportionally sized to everyone else, would you do it? I imagine many of our herbivore friends would not x3 So, I binged the new Netflix anime. I had just intended to watch one or two...
  6. Qualms

    ISO Beastar's Style RP

    Hi all. I'm really enjoying the Beastars manga, and I would love to know if there are any dedicated communities out there that are doing RPs within the world of Beastars. I find myself trying to imagine how my fursona or any of my OCs might fit into that kind of world. I like the main...
  7. KitKat31

    New to this!

    Hey! I’m totally new to the furry fandom in general. Excited to be here and share some of the stuff I’m working on :) For now, here’s a drawing I did of Juno from beastars (which is a great series btw if you haven’t read/watched it already). I’ll post it below. I just did a redraw of one of the...
  8. cerisebio

    Tried my hand at a redraw of Legosi

    Hi! Guess this is my 1st real furry art with this redraw of Legosi from the official DVD cover (Sorry 1st time sharing a pic on the forum, I’m fumbling a bit) www.furaffinity.net: Legosi redraw - Beastars by cerisebio I’m used to drawing human anatomy and animals too so putting the 2...