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  1. TheBeaver

    Making Beaver Tail

    I want to make a beaver tail but I'm unsure what material I should use. My understanding the tail is kind of scaly. I thought the texture of leather (artifcial) would be a close match to how a beavers tail would look like. Anyone have any other ideas that would be a better option?
  2. Mr. Beaver

    Hi ,please I need feedback of my new furry action comic :)

    Hi everyone! I just finish the first episode of my own furry action series Mr.Beaver. You can read it here : Mr. Beaver :: Episode 01- Credit page | Tapas It would be great if i can get some feedback from you guys ;) Thanks !
  3. E

    Seeking Art of Beaver

    Hello! My name is Erxi and I'm looking to commission art of a beaver here: Alexa on Toyhouse I prefer more or less detailed work. Doesn't need to be shaded. Dynamic poses/scenes are preferred, as well as complex emotions/facial features. I enjoy chibis as well. My budget is between $10-$25 USD...
  4. Mr. Beaver

    Hi ,i would like to share my furry action/fantasy comic :)

    Hi , my name is Pablo and i would like to share my furry shonen/action/fantasy comic with you: It is called Mr. Beaver https://tapastic.com/series/Mr-Beaver It is the first time i publish a web comic and i would like to know what you think, please let me know your comments and feedback ...
  5. TheBeaver

    Lets Howl

    Might seem odd or silly to you, but I went outside last night and gave a little howl. It made me feel odd, but also made me feel better knowing there could be someone out there doing the same thing as me. Made to feel little less lonely. I think everyone should give it a try when they are...