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beginner fursuit

  1. Lobie5

    Fabric as substitute for fur?

    So I'm thinking about making another costume soon, and I was wondering—would I be able to use fabric instead of fur? Since it's a cosplay of a robot character, he wouldn't really have fur, but I'm alright with him looking a little soft. So, I've been thinking about shopping around for some...
  2. C

    My First fursuit making begins, is it even possible?

    I have my main fursona Mocha a original species with the most adorable features. My main problems are very round head, a good example to compare it to is Koda the fluffy shrimp who did a round head like it but I’m sure the maker took many years of practice before it, that the feet and hands only...
  3. Roxirin

    Making my first fursuit head (need some advice/feedback please :) )!

    Hi all! I've been slowly making my first fursuit head over the last few months (very slowly, I've been taking a lot of art commissions and that takes up a lot of time X) ), and I wondered if I might be able to get some feedback on it and some advice? A few things I feel I need to fix but I'm...
  4. LouGarou92

    Second attempt at a fursuit head!

    Well since my GSD head got such a positive response, I'm going ahead and trying another head! This one is going to be a MUCH more stylized and toony coyote, that will likely end up as part of my personal suit. I am not finished with the foam work, but I'll post progress pics here as I work on...