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  1. TyraWadman

    Resin Newbie

    Would the correct term be epoxy resin, or resin? Is there a difference? Early pandemic I bought a 3D pen and was looking into making some resin art with it. But I know nothing about it, or what some of the basic tools I will need. Any and all advice is appreciated! A lot of the websites that...
  2. T

    Any guide/tips for someone wanting to start?

    Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well today! I recently got a drawing tablet, and am in need of some help! I'm trying to draw a friend of mines character from World of Warcraft, she's a Pandaren, however I'm really struggling to get the head shape down despite it being so simple looking to...
  3. C

    My First fursuit making begins, is it even possible?

    I have my main fursona Mocha a original species with the most adorable features. My main problems are very round head, a good example to compare it to is Koda the fluffy shrimp who did a round head like it but I’m sure the maker took many years of practice before it, that the feet and hands only...
  4. Sledge_Husky 04

    How to make friends?

    Hello all!!! I am quite literally the most antisocial person to ever exist, and i see alot of people saying that the furry fandom is so welcoming, so I have to ask, how do i go about making "furry" friends? irl i have 2 friends, and they have been my friend for along time, and they arent into...
  5. Breyo

    What program do you use to make digital art and why?

    I'm willing to bet this exists on the forum somewhere, but I couldn't seem to find it anywhere. I was wanting to find a nice art program with which I can draw my fursona and get rid of the placeholder image I have. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Note: I've never drawn too much, but I've...
  6. Thrashy

    The "My first drawing of a Furry" - Thread

    Hi there :) I've recently been bored, and I found this video, on how to start drawing Furries: Now I see a lot of people, who say stuff like: "I can't draw. Impossible!" Well, I was one of them :p But as boredom and curiosity both grew harmoniously, I thought, why not give it a try? So I...
  7. Prawnzer

    So, is there some kind of initiation into the community..?

    Hey there, Iv been curious with this world of persona explosions for a long time but never dipped my toe in. So heres the toe dip i suppose you could say. I have yet to delve into creating a character yet id love to dive right in and grab all kinds of concepts. Iv seen neat concept pages where...
  8. P

    How to commission art for absolute beginners?

    OK, so I'm 100% new to this so I'm going to need an idiot's tutorial because I honestly have absolutely no clue how to do this, i.e. how to find artists open for commission, how to pick an artist out of the tens of thousands that exist, how to know what kind of art you want, how to contact them...
  9. Asher Grey

    trades with other beginner artists?

    Hey, I've been wanting to do some art trades, but feel awkward responding to the ones posted by much better artists. I just want to draw some OCs and have mine drawn and really don't mind if you have vastly more or less experience than I do, so long as I can tell it's my characters. Art's art...
  10. MEDDL3r

    Want to start drawing

    I'm going to start drawing as a way to help me relax and as a hobby. Any beginner tips i should know?
  11. BaoBun

    Fan art! (And a day's comparison)

    Hey!! There's one fur suiter that I follow (who also makes fursuits) called @itssofuzzy on Instagram! She has a really cute fursuit of an angel dragon called Munchie! (I'll be adding this info to the pieces when I post them to FA and Instagram!). I also wanted to show my progression too! I...
  12. BaoBun


    Hey!! I'm still a very new beginner both to drawing furry art and art in general! I've been drawing on an off for the past several years but constantly lost motivation. I'm having oodles of fun drawing furry stuff and I've found some motivation to draw like never before! I've been drawing...
  13. BaoBun

    What are programme do you use? & critique my art!

    Hi! I currently use sai but have been wondering if I should sub to photoshop. Part of me feels I need to get better with my digital art before getting photoshop (because it is a lot of money)! But another part of me feels it would be incredibly beneficial to get used to photoshop at an early...
  14. Roxirin

    Making my first fursuit head (need some advice/feedback please :) )!

    Hi all! I've been slowly making my first fursuit head over the last few months (very slowly, I've been taking a lot of art commissions and that takes up a lot of time X) ), and I wondered if I might be able to get some feedback on it and some advice? A few things I feel I need to fix but I'm...
  15. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Fursuit badges: Only 6$!

    I AM A BEGINNER! I DO NOT HAVE PERFECT ARTWORK! I am doing simple to semi complex headshot badges! Uncolored is 6$ Colored is 8$ they are hand drawn on paper and will be shipped to you each badge takes about 2-3 hours. They have a hole punched in them for easy carrying on a keychain! They are...
  16. Stormowl the Owl

    Advice for beginner? I want to make a Lucario costume.

    Hi everyone. I've never made a fursuit before , but I would like to make a Lucario costume. I'm not sure what the best materials would be, but I think the only part where I would put fur is the middle yellow area. I don't know what the best way of going about making it would...
  17. xXArianaXx

    Be honest..... what is considered overdone?

    I’m currently trying to create my first fursona but I don’t want to seem like I’m just copying someone else’s so I was wondering what is considered overdone or just silly. Sorry if this is a foolish question. ^^;
  18. Crimson_Echoes

    Hello everyone!

    I am totally new to the furry fandom and was hoping I could meet new people on here to give me a warm welcome (Take that as you please)
  19. TheWhiteWolf

    New To Art: Where Do I Begin?

    Hello, everyone! I’m new here, so just figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask the community some art related questions if that’s okay. I decided to follow a path in the art world but I’ve been struggling off and on with seeing people younger than me producing work that’ll blow your mind. I felt like...
  20. SkorpioPrince


    So I bought a Nikon D40 and D60, and I have a kit lens (18-55mm), a 55-200mm zoom lens, and a 50mm f1.8 prime lens that I've recently bought. So far I've been using my D60 the most and been practicing a bit with my other lenses and the manual mode on my camera. I was thinking of getting more...