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  1. alchemestris

    Seeking Discord RP Partners & Servers (18+ SFW/NSFW)

    i'm not really sure where to start!?! hi, i'm briar. i'm new to FAF, but not to FA or roleplay in general && i'm looking for groups && partners to RP with off-site, specifically on discord. despite my preferred lack of capitalization in this forum post, i'm a literate partner && prefer to write...
  2. F

    The Halfway Hotel - A SFW Vore and Belly Kink Discord Roleplay Server

    Heeeellooo there, lost souls! Finding an eternal wandering throughout purgatory to be a bit of a drag? Your paperwork get finagled on the way up above? You've just received a MANDATORY invitation for a permanent stay at purgatory's finest (and only) Halfway Hotel! It's certainly no heaven, but...
  3. Kidney Failure

    Looking for partners for belly expansion RP

    I'm looking for somebody to join me in a belly expansion themed roleplay. My fetishes include: Stuffing/overeating Pregnancy Anything that makes the belly bigger really Tight clothes/Clothes stretching Hyper bellies Belly play My turn-offs include: Bodily functions like flatulence or scat...
  4. frank-rubens

    (Commission) Selling: (SFW & NSFW) BBW/Fat Fetish Commissions ($15-50)

    Hey everyone, I've got some new commissions open. As always these will be similar to my lineart commissions from the past - but will now also be in full color. Below are the prices: Lineart with minimal shading - $15 solo character 2 or more characters - $25+ (base price) Examples...
  5. Skittlesthehusky

    (Base/YCH) Selling: belly ych for sale! ($30 USD)

    www.furaffinity.net: $30 big belly ych! read desc. by Skittlesthedoge this is furaffinity exclusive only!! each of these will cost $30.00 USD since it takes a considerable amount of time to complete these, and i'm only going to take it through paypal! i'll willingly add a background or make...
  6. J

    Furry Stories by JackalEntente

    Besides my Fur Affinity account, I have all of my stories on my Deviant Art page, which can be viewed here: JackalEntente on DeviantArt There is less than a handful of furry stories, but since fetishes always branch and connect, I figured people would want to see more. I also take cheaply...
  7. P

    Fat furry rp

    Anyone want to role play with a big fat gorilla?
  8. frank-rubens

    (Commission) Selling: BBW/Weight Gain/Fat Commissions (Lineart/Greyscale)

    Solo character commissions: $15 www.furaffinity.net: /trash/ - Harvest Goddess Vore by literaltrash www.furaffinity.net: Commission - Marie Vore by literaltrash www.furaffinity.net: Nicole Watterson by literaltrash Duo/trio character commissions: $25-40 www.furaffinity.net: Fat Domination by...