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  1. Moar Krabs

    Best movie you’ve ever seen?

    Ive made a thread about the worst movie you’ve ever seen. How about the best one? For me, the best movie is either The thing (the 1980 one) or Alien. What I find so enjoyable about The thing was the concept of someone being infected and no one knowing exactly who is. I found Alien enjoyable...
  2. Firio Zifirion

    What's your favorite music track?

    I was just wondering what type of music people listen to.. So thats why I made this post...
  3. Jojer

    Best website for art trades and requests?

    What, in your opinion, is the best platform/website for someone who wants to do art trades or give/take requests that also has a lot of traffic and activity? I'm all about the "Draw the poster above you thread" in this forum but it seems to be very slow at times. I'm not on Twitter but if peeps...
  4. faerr

    Let's share our best and worst pieces!

    We all have bad days, eh? But we also have good ones. One of the way we learn and grow as artists is by recognizing the mistakes we've made and improving upon them. It's all subjective - for the worst: share whatever you want! It can be a really old piece, a piece where you gave up halfway...
  5. dogryme6

    So, like... (How to deal with a heavy situation)

    How the hell do I deal with depressed people? I am not emotionally smart. I get irritated easily, I hold honesty at high value and tell it like it is all the time, maybe I'm even a bit pessimistic and negative myself. Hell, I've even seen a case not too long ago where someone clearly needed some...
  6. Sharphand the Xenomorph

    New Xeno!

    Hi everybodyyy! I'm Sharphand: a 5'7'' Xenomorph Drone! I do all sorts of cool stuff, like fly R/C airplanes and build cool stuff! I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and possibly any other Xenos.
  7. S

    Best kind of underarmour?

    What is the best "brand" if not under armour the brand lolz and what style of under armour to use? I am hoping to get a fursuit commissioned soon and figure its best to get this stuff ahead of time soon as well!