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  1. Andie

    Alpha & Beta RP

    I'm really wanting to do a somewhat feral alpha and beta RP with someone. My sona is half wolf half wendigo so I prefer a partner who has a wolf sona ready to go.
  2. DivinePrince

    Make 'beta' official!

    Beta has been around for quite a long time now. Maybe we should start changing the old website design over to the beta version for everyone?
  3. Uluri

    May I ask if Beta has a future Update anytime?

    Will there be an FA Beta Update in the near future? It is completely okay if there is no update soon for the Beta Layout, I'm just curious about it. I really enjoy when it updates because I find it fun to see the changes. I also think it's interesting to read everyone's feedback on it. Ummm...
  4. A

    Beta Design - No Website

    I am using Beta Design of FurAffinity.net and I just added Contact Information. After adding my website, it displays only the image of earth and "HOME SITE" title but no link or address. I do not know where to post this "bug" so I am posting it here.
  5. LadyFromEast

    Any furry Gwent players over there?

    Just wondering: are there any furry Gwent players? If yes, you're free to add me (LadyFromEast) And we can play a friendly match of Gwent whenever we have the time <3 The game is still in open beta, but it sure is playable and fun! Also, what are your favourite decks you're using in game? I...
  6. SeastarryNight

    Have Furvilla Beta stuff if anyone wants to trade Petsite game stuff

    I was a Furvilla beta tester and have the beta stuff (The sword of discourse, the female beta bug, some 5 digit villagers.) I never really got into the game so if anyone who would actually appreciate the stuff wants to do some cross site trading I'm all for it! I'd prefer Flight Rising but...
  7. S

    [BETA] No Back or Next Buttons When Viewing Art In Gallery??

    So I recently changed to the BETA version of FA and I can't believe it's not being advertised on the front page to let people know it's even there and to try it out. Because it's pretty damn amazing. It just feels so much more modern and is just overall a more visually pleasing set up. And yet...