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  1. Bergohle

    (Base/YCH) Selling: CHRISTMAS BOXES YCH SB10/15/25

    Me and Black-nocturne made a new ych! check it out here www.furaffinity.net: Christmas Presents YCH [OPEN] by Black-Nocturne any species any gender, you can choose your own drink! :eek: We'll be very happy to make you a nice Christmas/New Year pic!
  2. Raptorart

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Draeni + Aubis ADOPTS (75$) Full color Front + Back

    Selling some Adopts Anubis + Draeni Purple Draenei (75$) --- www.furaffinity.net: ADOPT REMINDER by RaptorArt Blue Anubis (currently at 10$) --- www.furaffinity.net: 5$ Blue Anubis ADOPT by RaptorArt Ghost white Anubis (75$)--- www.furaffinity.net: Ghost white Jackal ADOPT by RaptorArt...
  3. bluezcherry

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Pride YCH (SB: 25USD AB: 60USD)

    Happy Pride! I've decided to try my hand at my first ever YCH, with two options for flag style. Rules: -bids are open until June 6th -any species/gender/outfit for either character -invoice must be paid within 48 hours or the piece will go to next highest bid -this will be flat colors and...
  4. shady

    adoptables and commissions open!

    adoptables and commissions open! i have 8 dragon adoptables going right now and they are all open www.furaffinity.net: dragon adoptables! (3/3) by Dead-Void www.furaffinity.net: autumn dragon adopts (5/5) by Dead-Void im also doing icons
  5. MomoSweetPeach


    Hello! I have recently created a closed species that I've become quiet fond of, but I believe other folks can do more with them than I ever could! They are called Horned Maidens and live in a monastery-like society, choosing a purpose that benefits their community, such as farmer or nurse...
  6. FirdyArt

    Adoptable Auction 4 [OPEN]

    Humanoid Adoptables Sakura OPEN firdyart.deviantart.com: Adoptable Auction 4 [OPEN]
  7. solaris91

    YCH AUCTION: rendez-vous a trois NSFW

    Hello everyone, i opened this YCH with two slot avaible---> www.furaffinity.net: YCH AUCTION: rendez-vous a trois by Solaris91 (Warning for nsfw). Here's the rules: - winner can choose what character feature on the draw. It can be furry, human, alien ecc... -For the BLUE SLOT only male...
  8. branding-time

    Massive Pose Auction

    Hello everyone. Feel free to come check out these NSFW pose auctions. The starting bids go from $20 to $40 dollars. These images include FLAT colors at starting bid, and will move up in quality according to bids. Check them out. BEWARE. NSFW. www.furaffinity.net: MASSIVE POSE AUCTION - LET...
  9. Miudream

    YCH SFW and NSFW

    I have two YCH open. One animal type SFW. Another NSFW, more human shaped but any character can be put in. Small ABs. Trying to raise money, so go check them out. Animal YCH SFW: Put Me Down! NSFW: Touchy Feely
  10. Lady-Darkstreak

    YCH auction

    YCH up for auction on this site: toys - YCH.Commishes please follow the link to bid and for more details. bidding starts at $25