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  1. Morrisilver

    (Other) Selling: Auction kitten Adopt

    Hi there! Just started here. I am doing auction for adorable kitten character Charlie. SB: 30$ MI: 3$ AB: 80$ You can change any information Here is link to my art: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39052773/
  2. KobiTheFox

    Hello everyone!

    Hi, my name is Kobi The Fox(Or just Kobi) and I'm very much new to these forum type communities in general(I usually only use discord). Hopefully, I'll be able to meet new and interesting people here. Here in Croatia there aren't that many gay or furry people so there's literally nobody I can...
  3. F

    Updated fursona

    This one is La'sari. I'm a khajiit. (More details later, super tired.)
  4. Skittlesthehusky

    Greetings! <3

    Howdy, my name is Skittles. I'm happy to be here! My goal is to meet as many of the furry fandom as possible and get to know the community a lot more. Don't be afraid to talk to me! I don't bite! If you wanna know a little bit more about me; I'm a self taught artist. I absolutely love...

    now with added BUGCAT

    Hey there! My name is Micah. I'm eighteen, a digital illustrator and proudly LGBT! I've never used any kind of forum before, so hopefully I can settle in here easily. I would love to go to college to become a psychologist, but that's a slim chance. A little clueless and touchy/anxious, be...
  6. GreenFeatherQuill

    [Writer] struggling with your fursona?

    I'm a freelance writer that focuses on helping people get their vision onto paper. I can write from prompts, help you build your fursonas backstory (and write a bio), add your chosen details into a fic (self-insert style), or read over your own work providing constructive criticism and correct...
  7. X

    Smudge Gecko

    Name: Smudge Gender: female Species: Leopard gecko hybrid She was a highschool science experiment in cross-breeding different species of gecko. (Possibly with crested or Tokay geckos.) She escaped the lab but was captured by a twelve year old girl and now lives a cushy life as a pet in a little...
  8. Dak Throqutak

    Dak's Bio Form

    Ran across Arrow Tibbs' character form. Looks like fun! So here goes. Comments invited! ============ Name: Dak Throqutak Age: 22 Sex: male Species: Avarrian Kobold Height: 3 feet, 2 inches Weight: 80 lbs Appearance: - Hair and scales: brown fungus hair on scalp, orange-red scales on body. -...
  9. Asassinator

    My Fursona Bio (thx Arrow Tibbs)

    So Arrow Tibbs made a thread about personal bios, and he made a template. So this is my character’s bio. Name: Aaron Age: 20 Gender: Male Species: Shiba Inu Height: 175.6cm Weight: 86KG Sexuality: Asexual Appearance: - Hair and fur: Golden and white fur - Markings: None - Eye color: Green -...
  10. lacelamb11

    How did you create your fursona's backstory?

    Simple question, complicated answer, yeah? Explain your thought process for how you created your sona's backstory. Supplementary questions: -Did you develop your character through rp? -Is your character closely based off you? A character from a game you play? So yeah, don't spare any details!
  11. Le Chat Nécro

    Here she is

    hell in a handbasket, this got long. so long that i'm going to have to break this up into multiple posts. O.O but it's good to get it all down on paper. err, text box. if you have the time, please read through and let me know what you think. i tried to incorporate advice from my first thread so...
  12. D

    The Puritan Fox: My Fursona

    Name: Felix Bernard Sex: Male Species: Fox Height: 5’10” Appearance: - Fur: Orange-reddish and white fur - Eyes: Green - Markings: A scar on his stomach and two black slabs on both sides his snout Personality: - A bit reserved at times but extremely passionate and loving - Devoutly...
  13. S

    I did a thing for my 'sona

    NAME : Steel BIRTHDAY : 7th November, 1995 GENDER : male SPECIES : minotaur HEIGHT : 175cm WEIGHT : 180kg (without armor) / 250 (armored) ----- - APPEARANCE Steel is a somewhat bulky and overweight minotaur with amber-yellow eyes, ivory-yellow horns and hooves, tan skin, and white-cream...
  14. E

    I did the thing! (bio form)

    Finally got off my ass and wrote out my 'sona. It's rather (read: ridiculously) long. Since I can't draw for shit, I was a bit more explicit in the appearance section than most just in case I end up commissioning art for her at some point. I tried to separate things out so it's easier to get...
  15. M


    I lost my other FA account in the mess of my life in this last year so here is a new one :3 ask me about me cause I'm really weird on bios lol. :p:p:p