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  1. Derron116

    Overview of Zephyris Redsnout

    Name: Zephyris Redsnout Age: Mentally 20 Sex: Male Species: Utahraptor Height: 5.7 feet Weight: 2'225 lbs. Appearance: - Hair and fur: Red feathers - Markings: Black feathers on the top half of his head, white underbelly and wing tip feathers, and neon green on his lower jaw and the base of his...
  2. Le Chat Nécro

    'sona stuff [short and snippy version]

    65 views on my other thread and not a single comment. -.- verbosity was my undoing. or maybe i'm just boring af. anyway, here's the short and easy to read version. round 2, fight...
  3. E

    I did the thing! (bio form)

    Finally got off my ass and wrote out my 'sona. It's rather (read: ridiculously) long. Since I can't draw for shit, I was a bit more explicit in the appearance section than most just in case I end up commissioning art for her at some point. I tried to separate things out so it's easier to get...
  4. ChapterAquila92

    Colourspawn Verber Mutation Drive Idea

    Before we begin, what in bloody tarnation are colourspawn verbers? "Colourspawn verber" is a colloquial term referring to certain chromatic dragon-derived creatures from a Dungeons & Dragons supplement back when v3.5 was current, the name of each one essentially being an ad-lib of the titular...