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  1. I

    Parrot Appreciation Thread

    I love parrots. Talk about parrots and other birbs and post pics here if you love them too. I will update this thread with a "parrot of the day" to keep things fresh. Starting off today's parrot of the day
  2. Xitheon

    Are these okay/good photographs?

    I'm thinking of taking a photography course. How good/bad are my amateurish attempts thus far?
  3. Xitheon

    Blep :3

    Hello! I'm a long time furry, but I've never exactly been well-known... I'm trying on a new fursona (more scaly than furry, actually: Leopard gecko.) I draw derpy artwork, take blurry photographs and play the violin badly. I enjoy reading, gaming and animal care (I have four exotic "pet" birds...
  4. Raptorre

    Bird nerds!

    Hello all bird nerds and/or those who are just interested in all things feathery. I absolutely adore the creatures to bits!! Just looking to see if there's anyone else around who owns a bird or two, or even other furs who go bird watching? (Even as a young'un, its a favorite pass time of mine...