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bird adopt

  1. Dallathor

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Cute adopts auction - 5$

    I do this cuties (with the base of DesireeU on patreon)! SB: 5$ AB: 15$ Only paypal
  2. EmberMage


    Please check out the species here: blueviolinist13.deviantart.com: Custom Lineless BirdThings (Bits)--- OPEN Mythic Bit for sale! I'm going to have this listed as an auction, as to encourage people to spread the word, as well as to hopefully get them a good home sooner! Starting Bid is: 15$...
  3. AlleycatIrony


    y'all i made this fool and i don't want them so i'm selling them for $25 AUD comment if ur interested whoever buys them gets to keep this pic as a ref for w/e use they want it for