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  1. ab-9595

    Hiring: (Closed) Looking to get more art of my Pokesona

    Hello! I'm looking for any artists that would like to make some fun (and maybe cute) SFW art of my pokesona. My price range can be anywhere from $30-$100. I'm looking to get maybe one or two images of him. I have a few ideas that would be full-body, and some ideas that would be half-body...
  2. kvasoly

    (Commission) Selling: Sketch commissions for $5

    Hi! I'd like to offer you 3 slots of commissions for $5. The result would be like the first image but more accurate and detailed. The second image is to show how I draw another species. Important information: • PayPal only • Payment within 48 hours, no refunds • Deadline is a month
  3. bringo-parrot

    (Commission) Selling: $45 Full-Body Character Commissions!

    Hi everybody! I'm currently offering my commissions for full-body character portraits at $45. They will be shaded and colored and NSFW and SFW are welcome. Here's some examples of my recent stuff! Please email me at goldenfawn123@gmail.com with a character reference and pose idea...
  4. bringo-parrot

    Adoptable: Fiesta Toucans! $35 Each, $20 for Busts

    Hello, Y'all! I have had a huge desire to design characters lately. Listening to some upbeat music, I pictured these glorious birds in a procession of dancers- Flamboyant and energetic, with long coats of iridescent feathers. I present the Fiesta Toucan. The Fiesta Toucan species belongs...
  5. ab-9595

    Hiring: LF Artist for NSFW Pokemon art

    My price range is $60-$100. I'm in the mood for some pokephilia art, (human x Pokemon) and I'm looking for an artist willing to draw some for me. I'm a big fan of pokebirds, and would like the image to feature either a Murkrow, Fearow, or Ho-oh. The Pokemon will be the main focus of the image...
  6. ab-9595

    (Closed) LF NSFW art of my Pokesona

    Hello. I'm looking to get some NSFW art done of my pokesona. It will be a solo piece, and he would also be anatomically correct like a bird, as that's what I like. I also prefer the design to remain on-model as well. My budget is $60-$100. I appreciate WIP's throughout so that I can offer...
  7. ab-9595

    (Closed) LF Artist to make reference sheet for Pokesona

    Hello. I'm making a Pokesona and I'm looking for an artist to a create a SFW reference sheet for it. The Pokemon is a feral Trumbeak (it has the same appearance as in the games). I'm looking for the sheet to contain basic info such as age, gender, species, etc, as well as a labeled color...
  8. BirbTrash

    Selling Old Bird Sona

    I am changing my sona to a different type of bird! This gal is now up for sale, and is based off of a Ferruginous Hawk! All of the art that comes with her is HQ. Purchasing her means: You can change anything about her design Can change her sex or gender Can literally do whatever The only...
  9. farrigohr

    (CLOSED) Looking for Fullbody of my Bird Fursona, 35$ Budget

    Newbie here, i'm looking for somebody that would be able to make an anthro fullbody of my vulture fursona and i would prefer to not pay over 35$, down below is a ref sheet i made myself so you know what youre getting yourself into. Closing the Thread when i've made my decision.
  10. ab-9595

    (CLOSED) LF artist to draw Pokephilia

    Hello. I'm looking for an artist to draw me some pokephilia(human on Pokemon). The featured Pokemon is a male Unfezant. The Unfezant would be the main focus of the image, and it would also need to be feral as that is what I prefer. My budget is anywhere from $60-$90. I'd appreciate WIP's...
  11. Xitheon

    Blep :3

    Hello! I'm a long time furry, but I've never exactly been well-known... I'm trying on a new fursona (more scaly than furry, actually: Leopard gecko.) I draw derpy artwork, take blurry photographs and play the violin badly. I enjoy reading, gaming and animal care (I have four exotic "pet" birds...
  12. Nicefrog

    Bird Adoptable w/ free head shot [$40 OPEN]

    Heyo! I have an adoptable up on FA for a birdy boy designed by me! He comes with three color options for you to choose from for his outfit and you have full rights to his character! Just credit if you repost or perhaps draw him! He is 40 dollars and comes with a free headshot to whoever...
  13. Nicefrog

    Nicefrog's Commissions - Avian, Human, and More! $5+

    Hi! I'm a student in California currently studying video game art! My specialties include illustration, concept art, costume design, and character design! I also have experience with 3D modeling, graphic design, traditional, and even more. I draw humans, anthro (Birds are my favorite!)...
  14. Leok64

    Unique Adopts (detailed) [$10-30/Paypal]

    Heyho friendly People, I want to sell this 3 anthropomorphic guys. The story of the 3, can be changed: -Radioactive Yellow, is a Crazy mutated Hyena from Tschernobyl with 3 Arms and a cyborg arm. -Flame Red, is a Columbian Dragon with Fire Problems so he uses his Flamethrower. -Jay Blue, a...
  15. David Carpenter

    (For a film) Large Crow wings, body, tail & feet

    Hi , My name is David Carpenter. I'm an independent film maker out of LA. I have a short film I'm looking to shoot in November or December and I'm looking for assistance on the creating a large crow costume. Currently I have some one making the head/mask. I'm working with Crystumes, she is...
  16. NoahGryphon

    Latex/pooltoy fursonas :3

    Im just wondering what you think of fursonas made out of living latex or living pooltoys :3 . Im a latex gryphon~ Also you can ask me any questions about what its like being made of latex if your wondering ;3
  17. Chowder12

    New Animated Furry Youtuber! Wowee!

    Henlo Everyone! my name is Adler the Eagle! I'm an animator, and just wanted to throw out my Youtube information to promote my work! I'm really excited to start this thing up finally, it's literally been a few years in the making and it's great to see it come to fruition! Thanks, and help...
  18. SheeKNS

    Shee Commissions

    Hello everybody, I'm open for commissions right now! I just updated my price chart. Prices start from 5€ onwards! Contact: Holydramon@gmail.com If you wanna see bigger pictures you can visit my galleries ! Artwork Gallery for Thurid -- Fur Affinity [dot] net SheeKNS's DeviantArt Gallery...
  19. Ferric

    Femdom Commission (NSFW)

    Hello there potential commissioners. I am interested in having a femdom picture done containing a female mouse: postimg.org: Pegging — Postimage.org a male hawk: www.furaffinity.net: My Anthro Hawk Form! by Oblong_Pomegranate Final details are yet to be decided, but the basic premise is that...
  20. BirbTrash

    Trading Bird. Looking for Art or other Characters/Adopts

    Looking to trade this boi for either artwork or adopts/characters. I love birbs and hyenas. But if you're interested, please offer! Art by Jynx.