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  1. HyperPolka

    [CLOSED] Looking for birdsonas to draw

    Hi peeps I'm opening 3 slots for sketch requests, specifically of birdsonas as I want to practice it so first 3 to drop references/ref sheets are it! Will upload the art on this thread over the week - - -
  2. Cry-Alkali

    Birb character raffle!

    Hey all! I made a character to raffle off here a few days ago to get my account going~ The raffle will be going on until May 1! If enough people join the raffle I'll also include extra art for her~ www.furaffinity.net: Character Raffle ~ Open! by Cry-Alkali You can see the raffle post here! ^^
  3. Ancert.Reovolt

    Fursona animal noises

    I want you to type out the sounds that your fursona animal makes. Or post links to the sounds that you make on soundcloud. I am a mainecoon the biggest and the best of all house cats. I have two vocal chord sets that can one full octave each. What does your fursona sound like?
  4. Altairsky

    (Commission) Selling: I'll draw or design you a fursona starting from 20 EUR

    I can draw any species, from animals to dragons, dinosaurs or hybrids. For this sale, no multiple characters together in the same picture. For multiple characters, refer to my regular prices! Contact me by sending me a note on my Furaffinity page (preferred) Userpage of AltairXXX -- Fur Affinity...
  5. N

    Arms/wings on anthro avians?

    Okay. This is a question I've been having for a while and am wanting to ask to get some ideas on how anthro bird anatomy would work in some of my universes. What are your preferred styles of "bird arms" and wings? I've seen a few going around with anthro avians, either wings with "feather...
  6. CelestialblueShark

    (Commission) Selling: 5 to 18 Dollars Commission

    Hii!! So I am opening some cheap commissions from 5 dollars to 18 I will show the examples below <3 Since I am starting this for the first time, I am keeping it as basic and cheap as possible. I can do NSFW, Gore, More poses, From the sides. Anthro, Animals, Dragons etcs. These are just head...
  7. EmeraldWuff

    Request: Wanna try drawing my characters? (big variety)

    Hello there! I'm always really happy to see my characters in other people's styles, like a different touch other people give, but of course SFW. Would anyone wanna try drawing one of them? Of course if one catches your eye. Perhaps you're gonna find some you'd like if you're a fan of: - wolves...
  8. AkemiriniADOPTs

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: ADOPTs by Akemirini (3,20$USD-12$USD)

    Hi again. I'm an adopt saller, my page : Userpage of akepaypal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Enjoy your trip and welcome to my gallary.:p ;):oops:All information on my page. ......../Also I just need watchrs :'(/
  9. MaetheDragon

    Request: I Have Character Ideas Aplenty! (Primarily scalies, dergs and birds)

    I got inspired by another user in this forum section to make a thread where you can draw all sorts of characters! I have plenty of ideas for scalies, dragons, and birds both natural and mythical! Anthro or feral, hybrids and centaurs, digi or plantigrade, the occasional furred species, I have...
  10. haymakers

    Wholesome drawings $5 - $20

    Hey there prospective client! I need an eye exam, a prescription, and glasses so my goal is to make at least $60 (I have no idea what kind of hidden fees they'll tack on at the end if my eyes are real messed up so this is a rough estimate). I draw primarily using GIMP and other free art...
  11. Nicefrog

    Bird Adoptable w/ free head shot [$40 OPEN]

    Heyo! I have an adoptable up on FA for a birdy boy designed by me! He comes with three color options for you to choose from for his outfit and you have full rights to his character! Just credit if you repost or perhaps draw him! He is 40 dollars and comes with a free headshot to whoever...
  12. SofiMXD

    [20$]animal portrait [Digital] OPEN 2/2

    new type of commission !! digital portrait based on a photo. Type 1: Type 2: only for personal photos. or photos that have Permission from the person who took them. Type 1: natural colors(keeping it realistic and authentic) |20$ Type 2: unnatural colors(+lightning)| 25$ where to find me...
  13. Yantiskra

    Colourful commissions

    Hello everyone! :) I'm opening commissions. I like drawing complicated backgrounds, designs, clothes and etc. If you like sci-fi, mecha, forest thema - please feel welcome! Of course, I do general furry art too, I can also draw humans or ponies. Prices(approximate): NSFW – to be...
  14. Tigers-on-Unicycles

    Information on avian suits?

    I love birds and the idea of making a bird costume/costumes, but when I seek out tutorials, specifically on how to build heads and sturdy, symmetrical beaks, I don't find anything. Not on FA, anyway. I almost wonder if there is some stigma surrounding birds here -probably not, but that's just...
  15. lemonlunch

    I ship birbs

    Birb shipping schedule: 7/16 falco x crow boi 7/18-19 Revali x Parrot Dad 7/20 --- Up for suggestion
  16. gypss

    Hello ~

    I have been wanting to join more art sites since DA began to go down hill a little in terms of interaction, I didn't really see myself joining FA for a long time cos it's gained somewhat of a reputation and I don't draw much anthro, but I figured, I can do anthro and I enjoy drawing animals so I...
  17. eritated

    $30+ Pet/Animal Portraits (non-anthro)

    $30 pet portraits (or any animal) of this style and detail. I prefer you to email me at ericad8798[at]gmail.com with inquiries. I won't start commissions until I am paid through my paypal Pay Erica Davidson using PayPal.Me Other ways to view my art and support me: Erica Davidson is creating...
  18. Caryatid

    Vintage Birds!!

    Hi there! I made a general art thread but since I feel like these are more themed I'd make them their own thread here. The bird on the left is inspired by a print i bought from the artist Dustin Harbin at CALA, which you can see here! His art is super cool and I love the bird design, i have...
  19. BeakyBirds

    Bird-ify Me!

    BIRDIFY ME Art by BeakyBirds Flat Rate Sale of $15.00 USD via Paypal. All sales are final. Please do not harass, or attack me due to this. This is an art shop, and a business and it will be run as such. There is only one time that there is an exception to this, and that is when I say so. So...
  20. Raptorre

    Bird nerds!

    Hello all bird nerds and/or those who are just interested in all things feathery. I absolutely adore the creatures to bits!! Just looking to see if there's anyone else around who owns a bird or two, or even other furs who go bird watching? (Even as a young'un, its a favorite pass time of mine...