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  1. NovaSwiftBrony

    Request: My birthday is tomorrow the 24th~!

    Hey there everyone! I'm super excited to be turning 23! I was hoping that maybe if anyone wanted to gift anything I'd love if you were to perhaps draw any of my Pokémon ocs? I have 4 you can choose from so do feel free to draw whatever you are able to do! Thanks in advance and I don't mind what...
  2. Sodasats20

    Request: birthday (please free?)

    My birthday’s next month on the 11th and I’d really like it if someone would do art for it Imma be blunt: I want a drawing of him in his birthday suit Dm me please if you end up doing it, I’d really appreciate it, thank you!
  3. nuada

    Hiring: I've got $50 to spend!

    My birthday is next week and I have some birthday money to spend! I'm looking for art that can be sent to me via post, either a digital print or traditional artwork. The shipping price is not included in the $50, I will pay for that separately. I'd prefer to pay in installments; half before...
  4. T

    Request: A birthday drawing of my cat fursona?

    Since it's my birthday on Sunday, I was curious if I could get some SFW birthday artwork of my character Annabelle? ^-^ Here's her ref: Plus some art of her: A big thank you to anyone who does this for me. :3
  5. B

    Request: (Birthday ended!) Possible Birthday Art of my Fursona? (If You're Interested!)

    Edit: Thank you so much to the people who gifted me art and for those who considered doing so! You're amazing! Thank you for stopping by, and have an awesome day!
  6. Zehlua

    Virtual Mini Con/Birthday Party

    My birthday is coming up (April 12th.) I've been battling some shitty depression and C-PTSD. I really miss conventions and hanging out with other furries. I also miss playing Furcadia. With all of that in mind, here's what I've decided to do: From April 15th-April 16th (those are my days off...
  7. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Birthday Commission!

    I'm thinking of inquiring about a com from this artist! https://www.furaffinity.net/user/rindeadsong/ Either a chibi, or flat color sketch! Art would be someone jumping out of a big cake on 1 side, and me being Happy Surprised on the other! Would anyone like to be the cake jumper!? Please...
  8. B

    Request: Possible Birthday Gift? [Closed for another year lol]

    Hello! I just turned 21 and decided to shoot my luck. Lol I was wondering if any of you guys would like to draw my new character! The artist is Darimgos on both FA and DA. His colors are different from the original, but that's because the artist's rules said I could change them, so I did...
  9. .wav

    Whelp, it's official

    I've survived 20 years on this planet
  10. Jackpot Raccuki

    Looking Birthday and Don't Starve style Commision ($100)

    It's coming up to my B-day which is the 24th, and admittingly I was prob late with this, but to keep it short and simple, I want a picture of Jackpot (Ideally able to be used as a picture for discord) with a party hat, more details given but that's the basic geist of it. Admittingly I would be...
  11. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Request: Birthday Art!?

    Tomorrow be my 1st Birthday here on FAF! If anyone wants to draw me for practice, kicks, out of boredom.............you can! B Day themed, kinky, with your OC'S...............anything works! Ideas are on my User Page! Userpage of TrevorTheBlueSquirrel -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Thanks very...
  12. Rap Daniel

    Request: My birthday is coming up soon again!

    The 16th of February! I'm just looking for anything of Rap! But here's a wishlist anyway incase you don't know what to draw! - A one page comic, showing Rap's struggle at Hogwarts to transfigure a teapot into a tortoise. - A reference showing him wearing his Hogwarts robes(Hufflepuff), and a...
  13. Jacob Bender

    Today is me and my kangaroo fursona's birthday!

    Hey dudes! DJ Jumpsta the kangaroo: G'day mates! ITS OUR BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! Dj Jumpsta: We turning a BLOOMIN 19 years old up in this! We would like to request a few things that follow this criteria. A furry that you like (that bounces) My fursona bouncing with said fursona A kangaroo My kangaroo...
  14. Bluefiremark II

    Request: B-day Art

    Wooh- 18th birthday today! I'll create a thread here for some art requests in case anyone wants to do some art for my birthday, but don't feel like it's neccessary! If i get nothing I'd be totally fine with that. The option will be open now- if you want to you can, but you do not have to...
  15. Parabellum3

    Gun or Motorcycle? (Bday Present)

    So my 21st birthday is on November 30th and I'm already scratching my head as to what to get. I've got two things in mind that I'd like to get. A gun and a motorcycle. Obviously I can't get both so it's either one or the other. My mother doesn't support both ideas and my dad is like "meh." So I...
  16. Asher Grey

    Art trades(for my birfday)

    Hey, I don't want to ask for free art, but my birthday's coming up and I'd like to get some drawings of my OCs ^^' I can do most species, all I ask is that I get some creative freedom. If you're interested in doing a trade, you can see samples of my art here: Userpage of Asherion -- Fur...
  17. Nihles

    Skunk appreciation thread/Happy Birthday, Sweet Simo!

    It's the most mischievous Skunk's birthday today, so if @Simo has ever made you laugh, feel welcome, or cheered you up make sure you let him know! And don't forget to give him a spanking or tickling in revenge! *Tickles AND spanks @Simo because he's worth double effort*
  18. Rap Daniel

    Birthday's around the corner!

    My birthday's coming up on Feb. 16th and I was thinking, perhaps people could draw Rap and not reveal their drawings until my birthday as, like, a birthday gift! So if anyone's interested, draw Rap any way you want, but nothing NSFW!(February 16th is not a deadline, dont worry if you fall behind...
  19. Conseqq

    So, it's my birthday! (CLOSED: what a bust..)

    I know, I feel scummy advertising my birthday publically on here, especially with the hope that I can get some birthday art as such. I won't go too into detail, but if any artists or friends don't mine allotting some time to draw my fursona doing birthday stuff (..I don't know what, maybe just...
  20. A

    Furry Birthday in Abandoned House

    We've all seen the photo, but does anyone actually know anything about its origins?